Case Studies

How companies of different segments have
used Virtual Badges to support their businesses.

Richard van der Blom

Richard van der Blom

Europe’s #1 LinkedIn & Social Selling trainer.
CEO of the educational company
Just Connecting


In the coaching industry, many new clients are still acquired based on the referral marketing.To strengthen his personal brand and acquire new clients, Richard's goal was to turn his satisfied students into his promoters.


Richard decided to issue certificates for his courses using Virtual Badges.
The certificates integrate perfectly with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, so his customers could upload their certificates to their LinkedIn profiles with one click.


After using Virtual Badges to issue and host certificates for his courses:

More clients
More visibility
More revenue
45% Creation rate

45% of his courses' attendees have created their personalized badges.

60% Share rate

60% of the badges created were downloaded or shared on the social media of the participants.

Example Certificate


Using Virtual Badges allowed me to meet the demand for certificates that I was constantly hearing from my clients in a way that also put my courses in the spotlight on their LinkedIn pages. In addition, the certificates are hosted and verified, which increases the professionalism with which my clients perceive my courses.

Richard van der Blom

Speaker, trainer and CEO at Just Connecting

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JS World Conference

JS World Conference

JS World is the organizer of Worlds Premier Javascript Conferences. Their 2021 conference had more than 100 invited speakers and over 50,000 attendees.


The iconic Java Script conference is held annually. Like many other virtual events, the organizers wanted to launch a pre-event marketing campaign to attract more attendees before closing registrations.


The organizers of the event decided to use Virtual Badges as a marketing tool. Once registered, all participants were invited to create and share their badges. These participants had the opportunity to show their activity to their networks and enhance their CVs, while the event benefited from the word-of-mouth marketing created by the shares.


After using Virtual Badges as a pre-event marketing tool:

More participants
Stronger branding
>1,000 Badges created

The Virtual Badge campaign was initiated when the event had 7,000 participants registered.

85% Share rate

85% of the badges created were downloaded or shared on the social media of the participants.

JS World Conference Certificate


With the Virtual Badges we not only create further brand awareness via LinkedIn but also generate immediate outreach effects. We had a pre-event campaign done with them that presented us with great results.

Jos Gerards

Organizing Conferences for the better of Javascript Developers

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TQI header image


TQI is an IT company based in Brazil. They used Virtual Badges as an HR tool and successfully hired more developers for their team.


TQI is constantly looking for ways to expand its team with qualified IT professionals. As an innovative approach to talent acquisition, the HR and Marketing departments have together decided to use Virtual Badges to combine recognition and online branding for the company.


A Virtual Badge campaign was implemented for all 500 of TQI's professionals. Employees felt recognized by the company and proudly used it to improve their LinkedIn profiles. On the other hand, the shared badges also positioned the company as a good employer, which brought them more candidates for open positions.


After using Virtual Badges as recognition token to their employees:

More CV’s received
Authentic online branding
14% Creation rate

14% of the whole campany has created their personal Virtual Badges.

91% Share rate

91% of the badges created were downloaded or shared on the social media of the participants.

Example Certificate from


Using Virtual Badges was a great and innovative way to approach talent acquisition. Our current professionals were proud to be recognized by the company with their badges and were eager to share this online, at the same time, we were perceived as great employers in a highly competitive market.

Fernando Maia

Marketing Manager at TQI

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