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Discover how companies from different industries have used digital badges and certificates to support their businesses.

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How companies of different segments have used Virtualbadge.io to support their businesses.

CPR Education
How one of the leading First-Aid training companies from the San Francisco Bay Area digitize their training certificates

As CPR Education grew, founder and trainer Josh Sauberman faced a new challenge: The process of creating and sending out certificates of completion was becoming more time-consuming and complex. Find out how Josh found a solution to save time and automatize the process of issuing certificates with Virtualbadge.io.

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Richard van der Blom
LinkedIn Certificates for Europe’s #1 LinkedIn & Social Selling trainer Richard van der Blom
Online Academies

How Europe's most famous LinkedIn trainer increased his online recommendations and turned his clients into his brand ambassadors.

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Hiring with Virtual Badges: TQI Case Study
Employee Recognition

How the IT company TQI used Virtual Badges as an HR hiring tool and successfully expanded their team.

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JS Word Conference
JS World Conference and the impact of digital badges on conferences

How the world's largest JavaScript conference used Virtual Badges to recognize its attendees and increase its marketing reach.

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