Hiring with Virtual Badges: TQI Case Study

Fernando Maia

Fernando Maia

Marketing Manager


Fernando Maia

Fernando Maia

Marketing Manager




TQI is constantly looking for ways to expand its team with qualified IT professionals. As an innovative approach to talent acquisition, the HR and Marketing departments have together decided to use digital badges to combine recognition and online branding for the company.


A badge campaign was implemented for all 500 of TQI's professionals. Employees felt recognized by the company and proudly used it to improve their LinkedIn profiles. On the other hand, the shared badges also positioned the company as a good employer, which brought them more candidates for open positions.


After sending digital badges as recognition tokens to their employees:

✓ More CV’s received

✓ Authentic online branding

14% Creation rate

14% of the whole company has created their personal Virtual Badges.

91% Share rate

91% of the badges created were downloaded or shared on the social media of the participants.

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TQI is an IT company located in Brazil, with offices on the cities of Uberlândia and São Paulo.

They have built their name and reputation over years of quality work and are constantly growing their team.

By the beginning of 2021, TQI was already one of the biggest IT companies of the region, with more than 500 employees on its two main offices.

Just like many other IT companies around the world, one of TQI's biggest challenges is finding more professionals to join their team.  

In March 2021, TQI's Marketing and HR's managers decided to launch an innovative campaign to identify and hire more professionals: They used Virtual Badges.

Hiring with Virtual Badges: The strategy

The idea was simple: To motivate the current employees, especially in the development area, to invite their colleagues (or other professionals from their network) to also join the company.  

In order to make the experience as simple as possible, they decided to implement this strategy using Virtual Badges.  

With that goal in mind, the following badge was created:

Virtual Badge from TQI
Virtual Badge from TQI

All employees were part of the Virtual Badge campaign. This means that every employee received an invitation to create and share their unique badges on their social media accounts.  

This campaign was strategically designed to grow their team, and that was done using a combination of messages on the background of the badges and with intelligent texts for the posts.  

The background had the following sentences: “#eusouTQI” and “Quero trazer você pra cá”, which are Portuguese for “#IamTQI” and “I want to you to join us”. Those sentences made clear that the person who shared the badge was proud to be part of TQI's team, which strengthened the good image of the company.

Using the badges also made the invitation to join TQI become more personal. This happened because other developers would see the invitation from someone on their network instead of from a faceless ad.

And finally, the icing on the cake of the badge background:  

Bottom part of TQI's Virtual Badge
Bottom part of TQI's Virtual Badge

In English, that means “Is that your thing? Talk to me directly”. So, if anyone was interested in a position on TQI, they could directly reach out to that person on their network and exchange ideas about the company.  

The badge background was the first part of the campaign strategy. The second part was the sharing text:

“Do you have knowledge and experience in Back-end, iOS, Android, Devops/SRE? Your place is at TQI!

Here you will find recognition, a collaborative environment and autonomy.

Join us! “

For those who are not familiar with how Virtual Badge campaigns work, the organizers can create pre-defined texts and hashtags for their participants. This means that an employee from TQI could create their unique and personalized virtual badges and post it on their social media channels with a great introductory text with only a few clicks.  

Of course, the text is just a suggestion and be altered before sharing the badge.  


More than 6% of the whole company created and shared their Virtual Badges on social media, and TQI successfully reached their hiring goals for the campaign.

Social Media Statistics for digital badges
Social Media Statistics

Using recognition tokens, such as Virtual Badges, is a great way to incentivize social media posts.  

There are many different use cases where word-of-mouth campaigns have proven to be more effective than paid advertisement, being HR hiring goals just one of them.

If you are interested on other ways how Virtual Badges can be used to ignite word-of-mouth marketing, feel free to check our other case studies.

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