How to use the Online Certificate Maker

With this free certificate generator, you can create simple digital certificates with the names of your recipients in only a few clicks!


If you are looking for an easy way to create many online course certificates, you have landed on the right page!

Our certificate generator does exactly that: Just choose a predefined template to get started, personalize your information (like texts, company logo, etc.), and upload an Excel/CSV file with the names of your recipients.

Once you are done, you will receive the digital certificates in the format of a .zip file.

It is as simple as it sounds, so let's get started!

First step: Choose Template

We have many different free templates that you can choose from for your individual certificate design.  

Pro tip: The texts you can see on the certificates below are place holders. You can change them according to your use case. Choose a template that you like and proceed to editing your own certificates!  

Choose Template from

Second Step: Edit Certificate

This is where the magic happens: You can now edit the texts and change the logo inside the template you chose.  

Edit existing texts:

Just click on existing texts directly from your template preview.

Once a text is selected, you can change its content directly from the text field in the top part corner of your screen:  

Edit Digital Certificate

As we mentioned previously, all texts are place holders, but you can use them as support when placing your own text fields.

Add new texts:

Adding new texts is also possible. Simple select the text icon under the section “Add Elements”.

Edit Digital Certificate

The new text fields added to your digital certificate template will appear directly on the top left corner of your preview.  

Select the new text field and edit its content using the editing possibilities from the right column.  

You can change fonts, sizes, colors, alignment possibilities, and so on!

Important to know: All text fields are a static part of your background! The only text fields that change inside each certificate are the “Recipient's full name”

Manage name of recipients:

The name of the recipient is a mandatory part of every certificate that you create. Therefore, the text field for it is already added to your template.

Don't worry: The next “Recipient's full name” (or just Recipient Name) is just a placeholder. This means that this text is going to be substituted by the name of each of the recipients of your certificate.

As usual, you can format the design of this field using the options in the right column.

Edit Recipient Name with

Add your logo:

Your own logo is a very important part of your certificate background! Therefore,a placeholder for your logo is already part of all our templates.  

You can just click on the placeholder for your logo on the certificate preview or select it directly from the element list in the right column.  You can add your own logo by clicking on the upload sign shown in the image below:

Add your Logo to the Digital Certificate

Once you are done with customizing the background of your digital certificate, just scroll down and click on the "Next" button.

Third Step: Upload Recipients

Now you can upload a CSV file with the names of your recipients!  

Feel free to download an example CSV file for that or simply upload one of your own.  

Important: Make sure to have the name of each of your recipients in a different row.

To upload a file in a CSV format, you can start with a normal Excel file and simply save it as a CSV.
For example, this is how your Excel file should look like:

List of Participants and Emails

Now, just select "File" -> "Save as" and choose the option "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)".
Once that is done, you are ready to upload your CSV file and proceed to the next step.

Convert Excel to CSV

Fourth Step: Add your contact information

Simply add your name and email address. Within a few minutes you will receive an verification token via email, which you can use to proceed to the last step.

Authenticate the Digital Certificates

Last Step: Download your free digital certificates

Now you are done with the certificate generator!

And as promised, you can download all the certificates for your recipients in the format of a .zip file.

Your next step is now distributing these certificates to each one of your recipients!  

If you want to skip the manual work, you can also subscribe to a free trial with!

Here are some of the benefits a subscription brings you besides being able to create beautiful and unique digital certificates:

- Certificates are automatically sent to all your recipients via email
- Certificates are connected to multiple social media platforms, making it easier for the recipients to share their certificates as a post!
- Certificates can be added to the LinkedIn profiles of your recipients with one click.
- Certificates are copy-proof and verifiable.

Ready to turn your clients and students into your online promoters?