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Guarantee the authenticity of your digital certificates and badges with 24/7 validation

Digital Certificate secure
More than 1.000.000 certificates issued by leading organizations

Normal PDF certificates can be easily copied

This damages your reputation and has a negative impact on your recipients.

Not professional

Certificates that can be easily forged are perceived by your recipients as unprofessional and of little value.

Your reputation at risk

People who have not taken your courses can forge your certificates which is putting your brand positioning at risk.

Loss of revenue

If you are issuing simple PDF certificates, you are not leveraging the marketing potential of your students.

Send authentic credentials with online validation

Online validation

All certificates issued by you, are sent to your recipients and hosted on our servers on a unique validation page. With that, anyone can check if the certificate that is being shared is actually the original one issued by you for that recipient.

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digital certificate validation of printed PDFs
Validation of printed PDFs

Even printed certificates can be validated when issued with All PDF certificates downloaded by your recipients carry a QR code, which leads to the validation page of that certificate.

Digital Certificate ManagementDigital Certificate Management
Hosting in your website

The certificate validation page, which contains all relevant information about the recipient, the issuer, and the course, can be hosted on your website with a brief guide.

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Hosting in your websiteSocial Media Optimization Certificates & Badges
GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance

We are based in Germany and we follow Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  GDPR is the world's strictest regulation when it comes to protecting customers' private information.

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