Badges for LinkedIn profiles

Send digital badges and certificates that can be automatically added to the LinkedIn profiles of your recipients.

Badges for LinkedIn
More than 1.000.000 certificates issued by leading organizations

Why leading educational organisations issue
LinkedIn Badges and Certificates


Reach thousands of LinkedIn users
With a shared certificate


Average partial rate of LinkedIn optimized badges is between 30-70%


Authentic positioning of your educational content

Create and send digital certificates with one click

Use your own unique design, and easily create hundreds of certificates

Digital Certificate ExampleDigital Certificate ExampleDigital Certificate Example
Digital Certificate ExampleDigital Certificate ExampleDigital Certificate Example

Why your recipients will love sharing their certificates on LinkedIn:

Your certificates in the LinkedIn feed of your recipients

When your recipients receive their certificates or their badges, they can easily choose to share them in a post. You can facilitate this sharing behavior by pre-defining post texts and hashtags. It's a simple process that can be done with just one click!

certificates in the LinkedInSocial Media Optimization Certificates & Badges
Certificates as LinkedIn posts
Certificates as LinkedIn posts

The posts shared on LinkedIn display the background image of the certificate or the badge that they received. Once that post is clicked, the visitor is redirected to the validation page of that credential.

Digital Certificate ManagementDigital Certificate Management
Certificates on LinkedIn profiles

Your recipients can also easily add their certificates and badges to their profiles under the section “Licenses and Certifications” with one click.Now your company is inside the LinkedIn profiles of your students!

Certificates on LinkedIn profilesSocial Media Optimization Certificates & Badges
Automatic validation on your website
Automatic validation on your website

Your certificates and badges can be validated on any day and time. This takes place on a custom validation page that carries information about your credential, your company, etc. This page can be implemented directly on your website for a full on-brand recipient experience.

More about private label validation
Digital certificate createSocial Media Optimization Certificates & Badges

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