Digital Attendance Tracking and Participant Surveys

Let your participants confirm their attendance by scanning a QR code and filling a custom form. You can effortlessly manage their requests and initiate the certificate distribution with a single click.

Digital Certificates & Badges
More than 1.000.000 certificates issued by leading organizations

Streamline your Certificate Processes

Recognizing achievements was never that easy!

Centralize your processes

Less communication, less chaos and less frustration. From recipient data entry to certificate distribution.

Full control and analytics

Own your certificate processes, give access rights to trainers, admins and participants according to your process for full control.

Improved recipient experience

Fast delivery, great availability with digital formats for e-wallets and integration into LinkedIn for personal branding purposes.

How to centralise your certificate processes with

Unlimited branding potential for your certificate with this powerful designer

Virtualbadge’s powerful design features and dynamic attributes enable organizations to streamline the design process while significantly saving time and ensuring a professional presentation of their credentials. Simply upload your own background designs or choose from a variety of editable templates available in our gallery.

Design digital certificatesDigital Certificates & Badges
Digital Certificates & Badges
Invite your trainers and manage permissions

With an intuitive user management you can simply add multiple trainers to your account, edit their permissions to send out certificates from your admin dashboard and centralize all participant data processes. Simple, digital and 100% GDPR compliant.

Digital Certificates & BadgesDigital Certificates & Badges
Easy gathering of recipient information via QR Code Forms

Let your recipients effortlessly request their certificates by scanning a QR code at the end of the training. For trainers and administrators, this means no more sifting through piles of paper or manually entering data into a system. The recipient list is automatically created and ready for approval. With just a click, you can approve the attendance and trigger the certificate dispatch process.

Digital Certificates & BadgesDigital Certificates & Badges
Digital Certificates & Badges
Hassle-free approval process for trainers and administrators

The system automatically compiles the submitted forms into a comprehensive recipient list, ready for review and approval. Trainers and/or administrators can easily access this list, review the participant's details and, with a single click, approve or deny the sending of the certificates. This approval process ensures that only those who have fully participated and met the necessary criteria receive their certificates.

Digital Certificates & BadgesDigital Certificates & Badges

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