Create Open Badges for FREE!

Turn your badge design into a valid Open Badge in a few clicks!

How it works:

Open detailed instructions

1) Upload your badge image

Create your badge design and save it as a PNG file. We recommend using 500x500 px. Drag and drop your file below.

2) Enter recipient information

Add the email address of the recipient of that badge. Use the CSV file to create Open Badges to multiple recipients.

3) Generate Open Badges

Your badge design will be updated into a new Open Badge image. Each recipient should get their own image.

4) Send Open Badges

Congratulations! Now your recipients can add their badges to their badge backpacks and validate them here.

Why Open Badges?

Open Badges are the world standard of digital badges. They carry recipient information, the issuer information, and metadata about the purpose of the badge, they can be validated with any Open Badge partner and can be easily added to the Open Badge Backpacks of the recipients.

In other words: Using the Open Badge standard is the best way to provide your recipients with digital badges that are valuable and professional. Turning a common badge design into an Open Badge can now be easily done!

Just follow the steps below and start using this free tool to turn your badge design into Open Badges before sending them to your recipients!

If you like the tool and want to add your company as the issuer and automatize the sending process be sure to create a 7-day free trial with here.