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Use the Virtual Badges to generate authentic reach on social media for your events, online courses and coachings.

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What are Virtual Badges?

Virtual Badges are digital files (like pictures!) created to resemble the traditional name tags that participants often use around their necks during events.

These badges are great recognition gifts for the attendees and a strong marketing tool.


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For events

Ignite word-of-mouth marketing for your event and improve your attendees’ experience.

For coaches

Lower your costs of acquiring new customers and strengthen your community-building strategy.

For hackathons

Strengthen your brand and improve your attendees’ experience with recognition tokens and digital certificates.

For digital academies

Incentivize your students to build their CVs and lower your cost of acquiring new clients by building trust in your courses.

Simple and powerful.

Our success stories

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The german education hackathon #Wirfürschule had 1 out of 4 participants sharing their Virtual Badge!

The hackathon was organized by the German Ministry of Education and aimed at united teachers, pupils, coaches and experts to think innovative tools for the school system post-crisis.

Check how more than 25% of the  #EUvsVirus participants have shared their Virtual Badges!

The hackathon that united Europe and the world to search and implement innovative solutions for problems caused by the pandemic had more than 23,000 participants and took place entirely online over the last weekend of April 2020.

Track, learn, remarket.

Learn where your audience shares their Virtual Badges, which participant segments are more likely to become brand ambassadors and much more!


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