The credentialing software for social media.

Use VirtualBadge to recognize your clients or coworkers in a social media friendly way and incentivize user-generated content.

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VirtualBadge is a campaign-builder for viral certificates, participation and appreciation tokens.

Use VirtualBadge to create marketing campaigns with strong sharing incentives, that will get your customers talking about your brand online.

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Track, learn, remarket.

Learn where your audience shares their virtual badges and which participant segments are more likely to become brand ambassadors!

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Other great uses

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The german education hackathon #Wirfürschule had 1 out of 4 participants sharing their Virtual Badge!

The hackathon was organized by the German Ministry of Education and aimed at united teachers, pupils, coaches and experts to think innovative tools for the school system post-crisis.

Check how more than 25% of the  #EUvsVirus participants have shared their Virtual Badges!

The hackathon that united Europe and the world to search and implement innovative solutions for problems caused by the pandemic had more than 23,000 participants and took place entirely online over the last weekend of April 2020.

Simple and powerful.

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Great experience!

Working with FutureNext has been an amazing experience. The communication with their team has been excellent and their product "Virtual Badges" has a major impact on our digital visibility.

As a training company we educate, train and work with software and technology companies to improve their sales capacity and competence. With the Virtual Badges we not only create further brand awareness via LinkedIn but also generate immediate outreach effects.

Thank you for that and I can highly recommend their services!

A game changer!

Before the Virtual Badges we would manually create certificates upon request for the participants of our hackathons.

That was very time-consuming and didn't bring social shares.

Now, we have a tool that automatizes all the certificate-creation processes while being social media oriented. With share-rates above 50%, we can definitely say it is a game-changer!

Great social media presence

Here at Start, we use our corporate academy to support our sales representatives with product knowledge.

Once the virtual badges were implemented we saw a great leap in the number of collaborators that were actively using our corporate academy, simply because they would see their coworkers sharing the badges on social media.

It definitely does what it promises!

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