LinkedIn Certificates Generator

Automate the process of adding certificates to LinkedIn profiles.

Read here why LinkedIn certificates are the ultimate LinkedIn hack for coaches, trainers, and online educators!

More than +100,000 certificates issued world wide.

* You can find the organisation ID in the URL when you access your LinkedIn Company page as an admin.


Why issuing digital certificates?

Contribute to professionalism

Build your authority by having your clients proudly share their virtual badges with their network.

Higher perceived value

Your clients can easily add your course as a certificate to their LinkedIn profiles and build their CVs.

Build your
reputation online

Virtual badges are the only online certificate solution optimized to be shared on social media.



Other success stories

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Richard van der Blom
Nr. 1 European LinkedIn Trainer

“Being able to boost my customer advocacy is a great game-changer for my social-selling course.”

Renata Alves
Brand & Strategy Manager, Algar Tech

"Virtual badges gave our internal events a new look, most employees engaged on social media postings and our brand was everywhere!"

Jos Gerards
Event manager, JS World Conference

“Great service that allowed us to increase Event Engagement, stretching out over our full Social Media Spectrum."

Marco Santos
Corporate Learning Manager, Start Química

“I believe all companies can leverage their internal learnings by motivating their coworkers with this software.”

Jonas Koehler

“Finally we have a tool that automatizes our certification process - the additional social media traction along the way is a marketer's dream.”

Marcel Pfenning
CEO and Founder, SaleUp

“With the Virtual Badges we not only create further brand awareness via LinkedIn but also generate immediate outreach effects.”