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Certificate Management

Manage your certificates from your admin dashboard

Create and manage the certificates for your courses in an intuitive and simple way.

More than +400,000 certificates issued in 2022

Create certificate like never before

Follow the steps, and your own designs, drag and drop your images and upload recipients via a csv file.
The process of creating digital certificates and badges is simple and intuitive.

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Dashboard Overview of VirtualBadges

Overview of all your certificates

Are you offering one course or many different ones? Do they happen at the same time or once every 6 months? No need to worry, you can offer certificates for all your different courses and online classes.
You can manage them separately and have a clear overview of your drafts, your active certificates, and your completed ones.

Each course is unique

Create landing pages from which your recipients can access their certificates with your logo, color codes and style!  Create an all-white labelled experience and strengthen your brand.

Various Certificate Pages

Explore more great features

participant management with digital badges

Easy for everyone

Your participants only need a few clicks to create, preview and share their personalized Virtual Badges. Explore their experience here.

manage participants with digital badges

Manage participants

No heavy-lifting technological work is necessary to manage your participants. Simply, upload your participant list - 100% struggle-free.

design digital badges with badge design creator

Make it stand out

Create the design for your Virtual Badge directly from within our admin panel, or upload a full badge from an outside source. No strings attached.

track your participants behaviour

Data speaks louder

Discover how to understand different behavioral patterns of your participants and their characteristics while being 100% GDPR compliant.

issue online certificates

Online certificates

To all events with educational services or products: promote your brand by offering your participants LinkedIn-compatible certificates.

promote your brand with digital badges

A new way of networking

Display a live badge wall during your events to interact and engage with your audience or have it as a supportive, engagement-booster platform.

Ready to turn your clients and students into your online promoters?


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