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High certification standards for your clients.

Host your recipients' online certificates with Virtualbadge.io for GDPR data security and in-real-time validation.

More than +400,000 certificates issued in 2022

What does it mean?

Hosting certificates online means that all certificates issued to your participants will be stored as a digital file on our European servers.

Unique certificate webpages are created for each Virtual Badge, carrying authentication information about that particular certificate (such as ID and name/picture of the person who received it) and about your course and company.

In practice, it means that your recipients can access (and validate) their certificates at any time, from anywhere.


Why offer hosting?


Hosted certificates can be validated. That means that their authenticity can be tested online by anyone.

Higher perceived value

Your recipients know that their certificates are unique and uncopiable. Much more than just a PDF file.

Reputation builder

Hosted certificates can be easily shared online, and the traffic created is redirected to your website.


Drive traffic to
your website

Host our Certificate Validator as an iframe on your website, and  lead all users who want to validate their certificates to your website.

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Certificates created in 2022
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Increase in business exposure

Explore more great features

Virtualbadge.io is easy for everyone

Easy for everyone

Your participants only need a few clicks to create, preview and share their personalized Virtual Badges. Explore their experience here.

Virtualbadge.io has an intuitiv setup

Intuitive setup

Don’t bother your developers. The setup of Virtual Badges takes just a few minutes and we are proud to say it is as easy as it seems. Check it out here.

Manage your Participants easily

Manage participants

No heavy-lifting technological work is necessary to manage your participants. Simply, upload your participant list - 100% struggle-free.

Make your Virtual Badge stand out

Make it stand out

Create the design for your Virtual Badge directly from within our admin panel, or upload a full badge from an outside source. No strings attached.

Analyse the Data of your participants

Data speaks louder

Discover how to understand different behavioral patterns of your participants and their characteristics while being 100% GDPR compliant.

Promote your Brand with LinkedIn compatible certificates

Online certificates

To all events with educational services or products: promote your brand by offering your participants LinkedIn-compatible certificates.