How to automatically send credentials to Zoom webinar attendees

Once you connect with Zoom, all the attendees receive their webinar credential on autopilot - see the simple steps and free resources to start sending!

Apr 8, 2024
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Anja Milovanović
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The work doesn’t stop once the participants attend!

Post-event marketing makes sure your knowledge and point of view leave a lasting impression — and webinar certificates are your unexpectedly strong ally.

Awarding webinar attendees custom credentials brings multiple benefits to both you and the recipient:

  • Attendees can signalize they’re invested in their professional improvement by proudly displaying their credentials. Attending events with expert speakers facilitates learning and career development, which is visible to employers and headhunters who browse their LinkedIn profiles and resume.
  • Recipients’ work profiles and resumes organically become free advertising space. As a certificate issuer, your work is visible wherever the recipients are. You get to position yourself as a thought leader and important industry figure, all while attracting more parties interested in your services.

The credentials management process is frictionless for both sides.

Once the attendees complete the Zoom webinar, they instantly receive credentials via, and that’s all there is to it. No additional contact forms or signups are required from attendees.

On your end, the attendee credentialing is fully automated once you customize and set up the sequence. 

See how easy it can be! ⬇️

Step 1: Decide Whether You’ll Use Certificates or Open Badges

Digital certificates and badges are the two types of webinar credentials you can opt for.

Both serve as verifiable proof that someone attended a certain event, workshop, or training, completed a course, or has specific knowledge and qualifications. Digital credentials can also be awarded for outstanding achievements, and help with internal career growth.

However, they have slightly different applications and use cases.

Digital Certificates are diplomas for the online age, and convey trust by displaying more information about the webinar first-hand. The audience can instantly see the issuer, webinar info, and unique certificate ID/QR code to verify the validity themselves.

Here's what our project management certificate templates look like — see more here!

Digital certificates can be attached to resumes and cover letters, sent separately, or have their IDs copied and pasted in appropriate fields for validation (for example,

when applying for a job).

Open Badges is a globally recognized digital credential format introduced by the Mozilla Foundation to share verifiable skills. The metadata is built into the badge images, but they can be handled with digital wallets, backpacks, and portfolios.

Prominent and compact, badges are easier to share and can be pasted directly onto documents, websites, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, or emails. Badges can also serve as a great branding element, with the issuer’s signature colors.

Another option is to provide both certificates and badges where they're applicable, and let the recipients choose where to display each. 

For example — recipient can share their thoughts about the webinar they’ve attended on LinkedIn, and attach the certificate in the post:

Meanwhile, they can add the badge to the Licenses & certifications section and permanently showcase their achievement:

Step 2: Create the Digital Credentials (It’s Free!)

Once you decide which form of digital credentials you’ll use, head to and start creating them!

If you’re interested in certificates for webinar attendees, there are 3 attractive options to explore:

  1. Use our free webinar certificate templates: pick your favorite design, add recipient details, and download.
  2. If none of the webinar certificate templates do the trick, browse our free template gallery. No matter the purpose, each template can be adjusted to your needs and work much like the dedicated webinar templates.
  3. Create your certificates from scratch: Digital Certificate Maker is a drag-and-drop tool that does the job effortlessly. 

If you’re interested in Open Badges, here’s how to create them:

  1. Head to Open Badges Generator, and select an image for a badge background:
  1. Add badge text, recipients, and your details:

All there’s left is to download the badges!

That is, if you want to — we recommend handling the credentials digitally. 

Step 3: Connect the Zoom Event to the Webinar Credentials

The subscription to one of our plans lets you connect the certificates and badges with your webinar and send them as soon as it ends.

Here’s our visual guide:

The platform allows you to define the participation threshold and automate the sending:

You can revisit and view, edit, or disconnect the credentials, and see the status:

The certificate delivery automation will kick off immediately after you save.

That’s it!

Free Resources Checklist

Help yourself with our free resources for digital credential management for webinars!

Free Certificate Templates

These certificate templates are perfect for webinar attendees: 

Need something different?

Browse 100+ free certificate template designs, customize them, and start sending the credentials within an hour or less!

Free Digital Credential Tools

In addition to our free certificate library, take a look at the following tools:

  • Digital Certificate Maker — design your certificates from scratch, or customize some of the templates;
  • LinkedIn Certificates — create certificates and badges that enhance your LinkedIn presence;
  • Open Badge Creator — in just a few clicks, create and share badges that comply with the globally-acclaimed Open Badges standards.

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