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5 FREE Webinar Certificate Templates

Webinar certificates provide solid proof for attendees who wish to showcase their freshly acquired skills. 

If you want to create and send premium webinar certificates for free, you’ve come to the right place.

Certificates motivate participants and highlight their passion for self-improvement through gaining new skills. As a webinar organizer, you must ensure your participants are honored and thanked for trusting in your ability to train them.

Furthermore, when you issue sharable webinar certificates, you indirectly promote your organization and attract more attention for your business.

Below we offer five customizable webinar certificate templates that are entirely free to download or print.

Lastly, we’ll provide a complete checklist of the essential components that all webinar certificates should include.

Webinar Certificate Templates

Webinar Certificate Template No. 1

Webinar Certificate Template No. 2

Webinar Certificate Template No. 3

Webinar Certificate Template No. 4

Webinar Certificate Template No. 5

Webinar certificates — Necessary elements

Due to the growing number of online webinars, it’s hard to identify genuine certificates among all the fake ones. By using the checklist below, you can be sure all the necessary information is included.

  • Include your organization’s logo to add more authority.
  • Add a title like “Webinar Certificate.” 
  • Include the participant’s full name.
  • Add a personalized message to highlight the participant’s freshly acquired skills.
  • Add the date when the webinar was completed
  • Include the name and signature of the organizer.

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January 4, 2023

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