How successful companies apply LinkedIn Badges - Comprehensive Guide

Learn about 3 concrete and instant use cases for your company that you can copy from leading companies.

Jun 22, 2022
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Malte Zander
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Sending recognition tokens for accomplishments serves multiple purposes.Especially when you integrate this process with LinkedIn you are getting far more than simply employee satisfaction and gamification in a learning or development process.

Recipient LinkedIn Badge
Let your recipients add their accomplishment as a LinkedIn Badge to their profiles and…

LinkeIn Badge with Credentials ID
… add Credential IDs to further emphasize the validity of the badges

In this article you will learn about 3 concrete benefits for your company that you will experience instantly after starting to send validated LinkedIn Badges to your participants, or employees. If you are interested in how you can send LinkedIn Badges —either for free or with a premium solution — you can read this guide.

1. Build Trust And Win Potential Customers

Let’s be honest. LinkedIn is increasingly developing to become the predominant source of truth for business oriented professionals.

More than 850 million active professional users and approximately 58 million registered companies indicate an increasing focus on being present and extracting insights from Linkedin.

Ideas and opinions that are formulated in posts or images reach a large number of users and it is still possible to present an individual or a company as a thought leader in multiple ways.

Having your participants share LinkedIn Badges on their profile is a great way to organically position your expertise and authority in one specific topic on LinkedIn.

We are talking about the most trust-building activity in the industry and a sure-fire way to reach thought-leadership before anyone else does in your specific area.

Imagine a potential customer sees 3–4 shared certificates from your organisation. If the need for a seminar or training in your field occurs, you will be a top-of-the-mind provider.

Expert tip: Additional marketing processes such as combining LinkedIn Badges with an easy way to share the certificates as a post can also lead to a lot of additional visibility.

Example by NIMA
NIMA works with post support features for their certificates

2. Improve Your Employer Brand Online

Finding the right employees is one of the greatest challenges that organisations face in the modern market. A great way to present your company as an attractive alternative for professionals in the labor market is to give your current employees a voice. Recognize them publicly and let them share their great experience with their networks. LinkedIn works as a fantastic multiplier for your efforts.

Employee sharing his/her digital award
IDP employee happily sharing her/his experience for getting a digital award

New talents that are looking for open positions or even established professionals that are not satisfied with their position anymore will see your organisation engaging and recognizing your workforce.

3. More employee/participant satisfaction

Employees, participants and trainees. They all have one thing in common. They are all humans. As humans we love to be recognized for our accomplishments. A research of the Pew Research Center conducted a survey why people quit their job and 57% indicated that a lack of respect and acknowledgement for their work was a reason (35% even mentioned it as the main reason).

With LinkedIn Badges for accomplishments inside the job or even for great efforts or accomplishments you are giving your employees effective tokens for them to share and proudly present to their peers.

Step-by-step guide to create, send and manage LinkedIn Badges

In this article you got the first idea of the multiple use cases and benefits from sending digital LinkedIn Badges. If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from sending and managing LinkedIn Certificates and Badges for your organization, you can read this step-by-step guide by clicking here.

* You can find the organisation ID in the URL when you access your LinkedIn Company page as an admin.

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