Project Management Certificate

6 FREE Project Management Certificate Templates

Project management courses with certification are the best way for professionals to showcase their skills.

Below are free project management certificate templates, ready for download and immediate use!

Each project management certificate sample below can be customized to your liking. 

Click on a yellow button under each certificate, and you can change the design, colors, and fonts, add pictures, or rearrange the text with a simple editor. Then it is free to download and use without copyright restrictions or licenses. 

#1 Project Management Certificate Template — The Essentials

Clean and streamlined design that gets to the point, fitting for any project management essentials certificate:

free project management certificate template

#2 Project Management Certificate Template — Classic Design

Some things never go out of style. 😎

You can use this template to certify different technical and hard skills the future project managers have obtained:

free project management certificate template

#3 Project Management Certificate Template — Modern Look

Cool and professional, this template has a streamlined design that still stands out:

free project management certificate template

#4 Project Management Graduate Certificate Template — The Standard Design

Another classic template design, suitable for business professionals:

free project management certificate template

#5 Project Management Certificate Template — With a Profile Picture

Add a special touch of personalization to your certificate by inserting the recipient’s profile picture:

free project management certificate template

#6 Project Management Certificate Template — More Space to Showcase Accomplishments

Need some extra space? This template has ample room to showcase accomplishments:

free project management certificate template

Need more? Explore 100+ additional free downloadable certificate templates!

What should every project management certificate contain?

These are the necessary elements each project management certificate should contain:

  • Issuer’s logo — Choose top, bottom, or corners;
  • Issuer’s branding elements — Unobtrusive placement, subtle and semi-transparent design elements, and colors that go well together;
  • Certificate title — What you chose to call the project management course;
  • Official statement — Declaring that the recipient has indeed completed the necessary tasks and passed certain tests to obtain the certificate;
  • Recipient’s full name — Placed prominently, in the middle, below the (optional) recipient’s photo;
  • Date of issuing — Add an expiration date too, if applicable;
  • Issuing location/ educator — Facility/ person that issues the certificate, their city, and country;
  • Full names of the involved parties — Recipients, educators, and responsible parties, along with designated spots for their signatures;
  • Certificate validation elements — Certificate ID, QR code, or verification links, to prove the certificate is legitimate; 

Optionally, you can also add:

  • Course details — Briefly describe what kind of knowledge and capabilities they have now that they have completed your course, and what they’re certified to do;
  • Recipient’s photo — You can personalize certificates with the recipient’s photos.

Or, go digital and make your brand truly visible. 

If you offer project management courses for working professionals, providing them with a verifiable digital certificate benefits you both.

Displaying a project management certificate on LinkedIn significantly enhances recipients’ professional profiles. They can showcase their project management expertise, and be more attractive to potential employers that value their credentials. 

You, on the other hand, can organically build your authority on the subject matter, enhance the brand image, and grow your business. As a bonus, your certificates can’t be faked: each has a special ID for verification.

Our Free Digital Certificate Maker helps coaches, educators, institutions and organizations stand out — take for a spin and have a taste of all the features!

Anja Milovanović
Anja Milovanović


March 25, 2024


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