How to use the Open Badges Generator

With our free Open Badges generator, you can create simple digital badges inline with the Open Badges standard in only a few clicks!

Mar 15, 2023
5 min
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Giovanna Pergher
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If you are looking for an easy way to create verifiable digital badges for the recipients of your online course, you have landed on the right page!

Our Open Badge generator does exactly that: Just choose the desired image to get started, add a single recipient email or multiple by uploading an Excel/CSV file with the emails of your recipients.
Once you are done, you will receive the digital badge in the format of a .png file.

You can access the tool to turn badge designs into Open Badge files here:

Create free Open Badges

It is as simple as it sounds, so let’s get started!

First step: Choose Image

You can either upload an image from your computer or use Canva to quickly design an image.

Pro tip: The image should be relevant to the skills or achievements that the badge represents. For example, if you’re creating a badge for completing a course on web development, you might choose an image of a computer screen with the required skills displayed.

Second Step: Add recipient email

Now you can add your recipients by adding their email, which will be inserted into your badge for verification.

Edit existing texts:

One amazing feature is the connection to Open Badges Backpack by Badgr. It allows you to collect and display your badges in one central location, from which you can share your badge with others to demonstrate your achievements and skills. It also features the ability to create collections of badges, set privacy settings for each badge, and connect with other badge earners and issuers.

Go learn more about it here!

Either add a single recipient email or upload a CSV file with multiple recipient emails. Feel free to download an example CSV file forthat or simply upload one of your own.

Important: Make sure to have the email of each of your recipients in a different row.

To upload a file in a CSV format, you can start with a normal Excel file and simply save it as a CSV.
For example, this is how your Excel file should look like:

Now, just select “File” -> “Save as” and choose the option “CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)”.  

Once that is done, you are ready to upload your CSV file and proceed to the next step.

Third Step: Add your contact information

Simply add your name and company email address. Within a few minutes you will receive an verification token via email, which you can use to proceed to the last step.

Last Step: Download your free Open Badges

Now you are done with the Open Badge generator!

And as promised, you can download the baked badge for your recipients in the format of a .png image.

Your next step is now distributing these badges to each one of your recipients!

If you want to skip the manual work, you can also subscribe to a free trial with!

Here are some of the benefits a subscription brings you besides being able to create secure and unique digital badges:

- Badges are automatically sent to all your recipients via email

- Badges are connected to multiple social media platforms, making it easier for the recipients to share their certificates as a post!

- Badges can be added to the LinkedIn profiles of your recipients with one click.

- All badges comply with the Open Badges standard and by that verifiable.

- Customize the meta data of the badge with your personal course and issuer information

* You can find the organisation ID in the URL when you access your LinkedIn Company page as an admin.

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