Personalize certificates with profile pictures to turn them into marketing tools

One small change and you can increase your social media presence! Simply add profile pictures to make your certificates 3x more likely to be shared online!

Jun 1, 2022
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Giovanna Pergher
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Why are digital certificates shared online?

Sharing your accomplishments online is part of the lives of many people. For both young and experienced professionals, social media platforms like LinkedIn (or Xing, etc.) have grown significantly in the last years: LinkedIn recently reported having 830 million members.

Because of that, positioning your company inside LinkedIn (the main professional network of the world) is quite a big deal.

And a fantastic way of accomplishing that is doing the opposite of running ads: You must get your clients posting about your company online.

How? Using digital certificates as marketing tools.  

The best way to personalize certificates (and improve your marketing!)

Digital certificates are great marketing tools for your courses: When they are shared online, your recipients are automatically promoting your course to their networks.

Therefore, issuing digital certificates using a software that makes the sharing process easy and fast for your recipients is a great start.

But here is the secret: You can get the most out of your certificates by further personalizing them with the profile pictures of your recipients.

By analyzing the performance of hundreds of thousands of certificates that are created using we have discovered the shocking truth:  

Certificates with profile pictures are up to 3 times more likely to be shared online than certificates without profile pictures

So, no more waiting: Add the profile pictures to your digital certificates asap!  

I know it can sound like a lot of work. But that is the best thing about using a certificate provider that is focused on social shares: You do not have to manually collect the profile pictures of your recipients.

How to add profile pictures to certificates?

When creating your certificate simply be sure to enable the item “Profile Picture” in your certificate design. This is done inside the “Designer”, on the step “Recipient information”.

Add Profile Pictures to your certificates
Enable profile pictures when creating your digital certificate

You will see a placeholder profile picture. Just position it in your certificate design where you want the actual profile picture of your recipients to appear.  

And that is it from your side!  

Now, when your recipients receive the email from you, inviting them to claim their certificates, they will be asked to upload a profile picture themselves, or simply have their pic from LinkedIn or Facebook added!

Profile picture automatically added from Facebook
Profile picture automatically added from Facebook

Now you can sit back and enjoy as the personalized certificates of your courses start being shared online.  

Not convinced? You can also run your own experiment in-house! Just split your recipients into 2 groups and send certificates with profile pictures to one of them, and “classic” certificates to the other. You can track the sharing statics live from your statistics panel ;)

Track the performance of your digital certificates using
Track the performance of your digital certificates using

* You can find the organisation ID in the URL when you access your LinkedIn Company page as an admin.

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