How to send LinkedIn Badges and Certificates

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to send LinkedIn Badges and Certificates? Here is the step-by-step guide!

Oct 26, 2022
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Malte Zander
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LinkedIn is the platform in nowadays business life. Millions of professionals consume, create, and engage with insights and knowledge every day.

To stay relevant and ahead of the competition, marketing departments across industries are understanding the importance of being present on LinkedIn.

Especially in the educational industry one strategy established itself as an easy way to immediately obtain relevant and qualitative reach.

“LinkedIn Badges and Certificates”

How LinkedIn Badges and Certificates are displayed in the profile of the recipients

Companies and institutions that already utilize this strategy are sending marketing-inducing certificates and badges on scale. Their content and training  increase in relevance simply by being omnipresent in a certain network.

However, each badge is not only creating value for them but also for the recipients who can effectively work on their personal brand.

Do you want to know how you can tap into this potential for yourself?

We prepared a simple step-by-step guide, showing you how companies such as Vodafone, Uber, the Netherland Marketing Academy, and many more manage to send LinkedIn effective Badges and Certificates.

TL;DR - Watch Our Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step Guide Part 1/2 — Recipient Experience

Step 1: Your recipient receives an email with access to the certificate/badge

Your recipient receives an email that you can customize and add your brand according to your needs

Step 2: Your recipient gets authenticates via email or social media

The entire page can be easily branded and customized by you

Step 3: Your recipient can engage with her/his certificate or badge

One-click to create a LinkedIn Post, one-click to download, one-click to add the certificate to the LinkedIn profile…

You can optimize engagement rates by pre-defining your recipients’ posts and Hashtags — this way you achieve optimal marketing results…

When your recipients add their certificate to their profile all information is already pre-filled — they only need to click on “save”

Each certificate can also be validated inside your own website by integrating the validation process from into your selected page.

Example Certificate Validation Page — all information can be edited by you and your team

Within these simple three steps, your recipients can obtain and engage with your LinkedIn Badges.

Step-by-step Guide Part 2/2 — Your Setup Experience

Step 1: Enter basic course, brand, and certificate information

Basic Detail to start your certificate/badge creation process

Add some basic information to your certificate or badge campaign in order to start the process. You can upload your logo, give your certificate a name, and define the issue/expiration date. That's it.

Step 2: Create a compelling design for your certificate or badge

Choose from an extensive badge and certificate library or …

… upload your designs or change/design a certificate entirely from scratch in a powerful in-app builder

In the designing process, everything is possible. You can design certificates from scratch, you can upload your existing certificate templates, or you can simply choose one of the existing templates and just edit them according to your needs.

Define the placeholder that will be replaced with the recipient’s information and you are good to go.

Step 3: Define your campaign settings (Email Template, Sharing Settings, Validation Page)

Edit the email template that your recipients will receive to get access to their certificate.

Choose the social networks that you want your recipients to share their certificates to and predefine their post text and hashtags for the optimal engagement conditions

Edit the validation page and connect your LinkedIn Company Page to your issued certificates and badges

This is the last step before sending the certificates. You can simply prepare your email template to match your brand and communication guideline and predefine some post texts and hashtags (text can be edited by your recipients late on).

This way you can inspire your recipients to create meaningful content around your badges and certificates.

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* You can find the organisation ID in the URL when you access your LinkedIn Company page as an admin.

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