How to create, manage and send certificates of attendance

In this article you will learn step by step how to easily create, send and manage professional certificates of attendance without any manual effort.

Jul 27, 2022
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Malte Zander
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Creating certificates of attendance is a standard process for many event, seminar and training formats.

In this article you will learn step by step how to easily create, send and manage professional certificates of attendance without any manual effort.

[Definition — “Certificate of Attendance”]

Since in common usage and understanding there is often no clear differentiation between certificates of participation, certificates and certification, we first define the classic “certificate of participation”.

A certificate of participation is a…

  1. personalized document, that …
  2. proves attendance at an event, training, course or the like…
  3. without a necessary proof of performance by e.g. an examination.

Typical use cases are attendance certificates for events, seminars, training sessions, courses and coaching sessions. On the one hand, this serves as proof of attendance for employees in HR departments, but on the other hand, it also serves to retain participants as the last point of contact with the event.

[Step-by-step Guide]

Let’s go! As an example, we show you the process with the help of the process with the help of the platform of

Step 1) Create a certificate of attendance design

You can either upload your existing designs or you can use one of the many existing templates! Using dynamic placeholder fields, you can include personalized elements in your certificate of attendance. Need help? -Design Tips

Simply design your certificate on’s tool — add images, shapes, signatures or dynamic fields.

Step 2) Create a personalized email template

This email will be used for sending your certificates. All subscribers will get access to your certificate via this (later) automatically sent email.

Design the email for your certificate mailing. Your participants will automatically receive their personalized email via the dispatch service without any manual effort.

Step 3) Create a list of participants on Excel.

Each column should contain information for your dynamic placeholders. So if you created a design in step 1 where you included the following personalization: Name, Date, Event Number — Then you’ll need the following format on Excel for your attendee list:

[Spalte 1] — Email address

[Spalte 2] — Name

[Spalte 3] — Date

[Spalte 4] — Event/Seminar/Training Nr.

Create your subscriber list with the dynamic certificate contents as Excel columns

Step 4) Upload the created list to your certificate campaign

Once you have created the list, you can simply upload the attendees with one click on the attendee management tab. Finally, you just have to assign the different dynamic content fields (name, date, event number and email address) to the different columns of the Excel.

Upload your created Excel list and assign the columns to the dynamic contents.

Step 5) Click’ on Send participant certificates

If the participants have been successfully uploaded, you can now simply send the certificates of participation with one click via “Send Email”.

After you have successfully uploaded the list, you can send the attendee certificates to your attendees simply by clicking “Send Email”.

Step 6) Track your subscribers interacting with your automatically created certificates

You can measure the performance of your certificate campaign in the Analytics Dashboard:

How many certificates were created, downloaded or shared? Your database provides answers.

Step 7) Your subscribers can access your certificates and easily share or download them with one click.

Your subscribers can download your certificate from your customizable access page and share it on social media.


Certificates of attendance are proof of presence and attendance at events, seminars and training courses. In many cases, the requirements for forgery protection are of a low-regulatory nature — in contrast to performance records, certificates and certifications.

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