6 FREE Reiki Certificate Templates Ready For Use

6 FREE Reiki Certificate Templates Ready For Use:
Usui Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and More

Are you a reiki practitioner in need of reiki certificates for your students?

You’re at the right spot!

We have 6 different reiki certificate templates, free for immediate use.

In this section we’ve created templates for five essential forms of Reiki, plus Kundalini Reiki at the end:

To top things off, we’ll add directions for personalizing each of them, so your certificates are professional and complete.

Reiki Certificate Templates — Specific Elements

No matter the form of reiki you teach, include these elements on reiki certificates:

- Reiki master’s logo;
- Title: Reiki Certificate — specify the type of reiki you teach;
- Recipient’s name and surname;
- Recipient’s image: nice for personalization purposes, but not a must-have;
- Certificate description: state that the recipient has successfully completed the course required to become a reiki practitioner;
- Recipient’s reiki level;
- Master’s signature and name in print (with title);
- Date and place.

If you want to get into detail, you can add the core principles of any type of reiki somewhere on the certificate:

“Just for today,
Do not worry
Do not anger
Be humble
Be honest
be compassionate toward yourself and others.”

#1 Usui Reiki Certificate Template

Let’s start with Usui Reiki (or Western Reiki), the most popular Reiki practice:

#2 Jikiden Reiki Certificate Template

This template is made for Jikiden (Eastern) Reiki students:

#3 Karuna Reiki Certificate Template

Karuna stands for compassion, and here’s a Karuna Reiki certificate template for aspiring practitioners:

#4 Lightarian Reiki Certificate Template

We have a Reiki certificate template for students of this form inspired by Budha:

#5 Seichim Reiki Certificate Template

Our Seichim (or Sekehem) Reiki certificate template is ready to be downloaded:

#6 Kundalini Reiki Certificate Template

In the end, here’s a Kundalini Reiki certificate template:

The best Reiki certificate templates await at Virtualbadge.io

With a Virtualbadge.io account, you can choose any of these templates directly from your dashboard, and use them as you please!

Check out our free certificate template library for any occasion and enjoy the ease of certificate issuing.

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March 21, 2022
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