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Sep 7, 2022
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Sucharita Myakal
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It’s time you put an end to using old-fashioned certificate templates that fail to leave a lasting impression on your students. Copy-pasted templates create zero impact and are inefficient if you have more recipients.

Scholarship certificates, in particular, are an incredible source of encouragement and triumph for every student. They go a long way to showcase a student’s talents and act as a credible source of proof. 

So, it’s your responsibility to create a remarkable, forge-free scholarship certificate that gives your students a true sense of accomplishment.

And no, this is not an impossible feat. This article will show you how. 

But if you’re in a hurry, you can try it yourself here:

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By the end of this article, you will have a ready-to-send digital scholarship certificate in under 10 minutes.

Before that, do you know what goes into a professional-looking scholarship certificate?

What Should You Include in a Scholarship Certificate

Students use your scholarship certificate for numerous reasons, from framing to using them in a portfolio for future opportunities. And your certificate must be designed to favor these needs.

So, having relevant, clear-cut information on the scholarship certificate is crucial in supporting this. 

Here’s what you can include:

  • The awardee’s full name with a picture for personalization. 
  • The type of scholarship.
  • The student’s institution or logo while receiving the scholarship.
  • Purpose and validity of the scholarship.
  • The reason why the scholarship was awarded to the student.
  • The scholarship’s name and received date.
  • The institution or the person who granted the scholarship, with a signature.

Also, your certificate may exclude or include more information depending on the type of the scholarship and your internal regulations.

Now that you know the what and why of a scholarship certificate, let’s dive into the how.

Here’s a look into an intuitive tool to create eye-catching digital scholarship certificates without burning your time or money. 

A Step-By-Step Guide on How To Create a Scholarship Certificate With

1. Sign Up or Log In to a Account

You can access it here.

2. Explore your Dashboard

Your dashboard
Your dashboard

Once you’re all set, you can find your active, completed, and in-progress certificates in this dashboard.

And to group them better, you can create a new collection for every category by clicking on Add new collection.

Let’s get on with creating our first stunning scholarship certificate with

3. Cue Certificate Creation

Click on the dashboard’s Create new Certificate button to launch the editing page. 

To edit your certificate details.
To edit your certificate details.

Steps to complete your certificate settings:

Step 1: Enter Basic Details

  • Enter the Course Name for which the scholarship certificate has been awarded.
  • Have an existing collection? Select it under Certificate Collection.
  • Optionally, you can upload your business logo. However, we recommend it because it adds to the certificate’s credibility.
  • Need the certificate to be sharable and optimized for social media? Enable or Disable the social media button.
  • How long is your certificate valid? Select the Expiration date if applicable.
  • Enter your Website URL of the course if needed.
  • Finally, click Continue to proceed with the most fun part - designing the certificate.

Step 2: Design your scholarship certificate

Choose your favorite format
Choose your favorite format

Now choose your preferred design format - Start with a blank canvas or customize with a ready-to-work template. Fix your certificate orientation and styles, and add/remove profile pictures of the recipient. 

Step 3: Time to get creative - Edit your certificate template

Start editing your scholarship certificate
Start editing your scholarship certificate

On the left pane, you have multiple options to add elements such as texts, images, signatures, shapes, backgrounds, and more to your chosen canvas.

And on the right pane, you have options to align your text, change font, color, etc. and edit text. Simply click on the elements and start editing them right away. Once done, click on Save.

Here’s a sample scholarship certificate created with by following the described steps:

4. Setup a Campaign

Setup an email or social media campaign
Setup an email or social media campaign

You now have the certificate ready, and it’s time you sent them to every eligible student. sends the custom access email for every recipient along with the saved certificate preview. You can edit the email content on the right pane before you hit send.

Optionally, you can create a Twitter campaign in the second step to give your awarded students a shout-out.

In the final stage of campaign setup, creates a unique Credential ID for every certificate to avoid plagiarism

You can put this process on auto-pilot mode if you opt for a Pro account. How? offers Zapier integration and as soon as an action is triggered here, your created certificates are instantly sent out. You can then sit back and leave the entire process to 

Unique Credential ID
Unique Credential ID

5. You’re Almost Done - Drop in your Recipients

Upload a CSV file with recipients 
Upload a CSV file with recipients 

No more re-editing headaches. lets you upload a CSV file from your local system with scholarship recipients’ names and email addresses. You can then send all the certificates in one go.

6. You’re All Set - Send Them Out 

Once you upload your CSV file in case of multiple recipients, you’re all set to send emails by clicking a single button - Send emails.

Later, you can download the finished certificate.

Here’s what the final overview would look like:

The final overview of actions
The final overview of actions

Congratulations! You’ve created your scholarship certificates and issued them in a matter of a few minutes. 

If you’re curious about the safety of accessing or sharing the certificate, we’ve got you.  

Your students are redirected to the Access your Certificate page for secured access. The access link to this page is sent via the emails that you previously created. They are authenticated here and asked for the validated token code (sent separately via email). Once successful, they can seamlessly access, share, and download their certificates.

To access the certificate and share it

Let’s start creating. Try today. 

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