5 Tips to Boost Brand Authority for your Online Course Program

Learn how Digital Badges can help you boost Brand Authority in your Coaching Program

May 17, 2021
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Giovanna Pergher
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Okay, so we all know that 2020 got us on our toes looking for new strategies to build a competitive advantage.
More than ever, learning new skills to leverage our careers is a must!
The new focus is on remote working. But the new trend is and will be, remote learning.

Which makes us wonder...

How can you promote your online courses and build brand authority when there’s so much offer?

That’s why we’ve built this amazing simple 5-tip-guide to help you get started Today.

1. Update your Social Media Regularly

update social media profile
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Yes, this shouldn’t come as news to anyone!
Yet, it’s important to remind ourselves that not all social media platforms are essential. We only need to focus on the right ones!
So start drafting a strategy that’s unique to your brand and plan your weekly content strategy. Consistency is the keyword here: select the days in which you'll post and follow that plan through.

When it comes to content, choose what will set you apart from your competitors: games, polls and contests. Blog posts, articles and e-books are always relevant, and they too should be paired with these. Think of out of the box, and bring new and original content that asks for your followers participation.
You'll slowly form a strong online presence and brand authority within your field. In the end, it will be easier to build credibility when someone looks you up.

2. Plan Monthly Webinars and Q&As

plan monthly webinars
Image by Standsome Worklifestyle via Unsplash

Social Media is important, but so is getting closer to your audience. Creating great content can come in the form of videos, webinars and others - infotainment is the word for this year.
Remember that social media is a place where your clients go to relax and read important but entertaining news.
Keeping this in mind will not only help you define your content, but also to attract more audience. As to be considered by new prospects, you need to add value first within your network.
So get your content gameplan ready, bring well-renowned guests, and start sending those invites!

You'll create a closer bond between participants and your brand. And soon, it will translate into top-of-mind awareness!

3. Get started with Virtual Badges

In this All-Digital World, we need to stand out from the crowd. Besides creating a good content strategy, there are other initiatives you can implement as well.
As we know, the best content is the one generated by the user. It's authentic and it comes from a personal and real experience that other prospects usually relate to.
So, imagine having a personalized badge that you could generate for every participant, so they could add it to their LinkedIn page.

Advocacy is the last step of your sales funnel, and that it should be part of your retention strategy too. This is one of the most important steps that you need to take to expand your client network, and one that will build brand authority within itself.
By offering Virtual Badges, you are encouraging your clients to proudly share their accomplishments!
Soon, you’ll have a legion of brand ambassadors!

4. Research Research Research

Image by Dan Dimmock via Unsplash

As we've seen, sharing relevant content requires a lot of strategy. That's why it's so necessary to rely on good insightful research to always deliver reliable information.

Cover different topics, get to know the latest news and trends within your field; and be the first to share those insights with your network. Sometimes crossing different topics within the same article or blog post, can be helpful too! Don't stick to the normal articles, spend some time doing research and educating yourself in new topics and subjects.
Above all, get to know your audience. Use your Webinars to gather data on your prospects and run interviews from time to time. Then, build your brand persona and try answering these questions: What is relevant to my participants? What are their concerns? Which stages do they consider before purchasing my course?

By the time you're finished, you'll have a lot of data to work with. This will be your starting point to start experimenting with your network, and just remember to make this step one of your top priorities every week.

5. Build a Strong Testimonial-base

Your blog should be focused on building an extensive and trustworthy testimonials’ database.
This is the place to prove that you have been successful so far, and highlight all the reasons why your prospects should trust your company.

As we’ve been talking about new ways to put in place good content, it's also good to remember that having honest and real feedback on your website will be the base of creating awareness and trust within your clients.

To implement this, you can start by having previous clients join your webinars and share their successful stories. Remember that your clients will be surrounded by a lot of offers, and differentiation is key. So keep thinking and redesigning your strategy to adapt to your customers needs, wants and concerns. You'll be fighting the highly competitive digital world, so bring your A-game!


We’ve given you 5 tips to start building a social media presence, which will definitely boost your Brand Authority!

Get ready, start drafting a strategy and follow us on LinkedIn to get more content like this!

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