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Turn your customers into ambassadors.

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More than +45,000 badges issued world wide.

What is VirtualBadge?

Have you ever dreamed of your students becoming active promoters of your program?

Are you tired of spending a ton of time begging for reviews?

Do you want your students to post about you on social media?

VirtualBadge lets you create and issue certificates for your students that are made to be shared on social media.

Attract your new customers with your satisfied students!

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What other coaches say...

“Being able to boost my customer advocacy is a great game-changer for my social-selling course.

In my opinion, every successful coach should act on this new opportunity called social media certificates”

Richard van der Blom
Social Selling expert and Top Speaker

“We recently discovered social media certificates, because we struggled to translate our customer satisfaction into online testimonials.

With we have an elegant and effective solution that just works without consuming time because of a super intuitive setup process.”

Marcel Pfenning
CEO SaleUp  I Sales Coach

VirtualBadge highlights:

All credentials are directly integrated to LinkedIn

This means that your participants can add their credentials to their LinkedIn profiles with one click.
Build your authority by placing your course directly on your attendees' LinkedIn profile!

Pre-defined sharing content

Create unique badge designs that your participants will post on their social media, set the sharing hashtags and sharing text!

Increase the perceived value of your training

VirtualBadge certificates are digitally hosted and validated! Your participants attribute more value to their certifications and therefore to your course.

Tracking and statistics

Use data that actually matters to find out which platforms your subscribers are sharing their badges on and track how your campaign is performing.

Discover VirtualBadge

How VirtualBadge supports you:

More growth

Tap into the full marketing potential of your satisfied students by turning them into your social media promoters.

More time

Stop begging for reviews! Automate the process of sending virtual badges and simply watch your alumni post about your course on social media.

More indepence

Generate revenue from new students without relying on high acquisition costs. Recommendations were never that simple and effective before.

Are you ready for more reach, more trust, and more customers?


The process:


You can design something simple or go crazy with Photoshop Designs. The badge will be shared by your students on social media.


Start the badge campaign with one click and all your students will receive their email invitation to create their own virtual badges

See results

Watch your course's virtual badges being shared on social media. All data is tracked in real time in your stats panel.

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