Virtual Badges for Hackathons

Use Virtual Badges to recognize the efforts and achievements of your hackathon participants while growing your marketing reach.

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Not just another audience interaction tool.

Attract more participants

Using word-of-mouth marketing is a very powerful way of attracting more participants to your Hackathon! Once participants share their badges, their friends and colleagues will see it and immediately be aware of your event. These people are likely to share similar interests and therefore, more likely to become your participants!

Participants recognition tool

Use the Virtual Badges to individually recognize the effort of all hackathon participants. After all, not only the winners gave their blood, sweat, and tears for the event. When these participants receive recognition for their deeds, they become more willing to take part in your future hackathons!

Brand strengthening

Virtual Badges can be used to expand your digital marketing reach! Give your participants a token that they will proudly share in their favorite social media channels. This user-generated content strategy boosts your event awareness directly within audiences that are more likely to be interested in becoming participants.


Our success stories

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The german education hackathon #Wirfürschule had 1 out of 4 participants sharing their Virtual Badge!

The hackathon was organized by the German Ministry of Education and aimed at united teachers, pupils, coaches and experts to think innovative tools for the school system post-crisis.

Check how more than 25% of the  #EUvsVirus participants have shared their Virtual Badges!

The hackathon that united Europe and the world to search and implement innovative solutions for problems caused by the pandemic had more than 23,000 participants and took place entirely online over the last weekend of April 2020.

Explore more great features

Easy for everyone

Your participants only need a few clicks to create, preview and share their personalized Virtual Badges. Explore their experience here.

Intuitive setup

Don’t bother your developers. The setup of Virtual Badges takes just a few minutes and we are proud to say it is as easy as it seems. Check it our here.

Manage your participants

No heavy-lifting technological work is necessary to manage your participants. Simply, upload your participant list - 100% struggle-free.

Make it stand out

Create the design for your Virtual Badge directly in the admin panel, or upload finished designs  - freedom  to all the Adobe designers!

Data speaks louder

Discover how to understand different behavioral patterns of your participants and their characteristics while being 100% GDPR compliant.

Online certificates

To all events with educational services or products: promote your brand by offering your participants LinkedIn compatible certificates.

Ready to turn your participants into event ambassadors?


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Daniela Hölzer

Manager at The Hackathon Company

Daniela Hölzer

Manager at The Hackathon Company

Daniela Hölzer

Manager at The Hackathon Company

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