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Searching for engagement ideas for online events? Use Virtual Badges to incentivize the creation of user-generated content.

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More than +400,000 certificates issued in 2022

What are Virtual Badges?

Virtual Badges are personal and made to be shared on social media.

With just a few clicks, your participants can receive, customize and share their badges with their network. They can share their experience online and your event will grow in popularity!

Increase your participants online engagement!

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Pre-event campaign

Make more people interested in becoming participants, sell more tickets and increase the hype!
Engage your participants with a pre-event Virtual Badge campaign, and build up the expectation for the big day!

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Post-event campaign

Give your participants a recognition token that they can proudly share on social media.
They build their online CVs and reputation while strengthening your event’s brand.

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High engagement

High engagement

Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing

Authentic Content

Authentic content

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What other event organizers say:

Jos Gerards Presentation

“It was great working together with! A great, affordable product with excellent service that allowed us to increase event engagement across our social media spectrum with the new digitalization of event organization."

Jos Gerards
Conferences Organizer

“We used Virtual Badges as a post event recognition for our employees, to celebrate their years working at Algar Tech. Most employees engaged on social media postings and our brand was everywhere!"

Renata Alves
Brand & Strategy Manager, Algar Tech

Renata Alvas
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Explore more great features is easy for everyone

Easy for everyone

Your participants only need a few clicks to create, preview and share their personalized Virtual Badges. Explore their experience here. has an intuitiv setup

Intuitive setup

Don’t bother your developers. The setup of Virtual Badges takes just a few minutes and we are proud to say it is as easy as it seems. Check it out here.

Manage your Participants easily

Manage your participants

No heavy-lifting technological work is necessary to manage your participants. Simply, upload your participant list - 100% struggle-free.

Make your Virtual Badge stand out

Make it stand out

Create the design for your Virtual Badge directly in the admin panel, or upload finished designs  - freedom  to all the Adobe designers!

Analyse the Data of your participants

Data speaks louder

Discover how to understand different behavioral patterns of your participants and their characteristics while being 100% GDPR compliant.

Promote your Brand with LinkedIn compatible certificates

LinkedIn certificates

To all events with educational services or products: promote your brand by offering your participants LinkedIn compatible certificates.

Other great success cases

Visit our blog to check out our case studies and much more!

Check how more than 25% of the  #EUvsVirus participants have shared their Virtual Badges!

The hackathon that united Europe and the world to search and implement innovative solutions for problems caused by the pandemic had more than 23,000 participants and took place entirely online over the last weekend of April 2020.

Pre-event marketing? Check out how the Coopérathon used virtual badges to double their participants!

The Canadian hackathon was running out of time, as the event registration deadline was approaching. Check out how they used the VirtualBadge software to double their number of participants during the last days.

The german education hackathon #Wirfürschule had 1 out of 4 participants sharing their VirtualBadge!

The hackathon was organized by the German Ministry of Education and aimed at united teachers, pupils, coaches and experts to think innovative tools for the school system post-crisis.


Other success stories

Visit our blog for all case studies.

Richard van der Blom
Nr. 1 European LinkedIn Trainer

“Being able to boost my customer advocacy is a great game-changer for my social-selling course.”

Renata Alves
Brand & Strategy Manager, Algar Tech

"Virtual badges gave our internal events a new look, most employees engaged on social media postings and our brand was everywhere!"

Jos Gerards
Event manager, JS World Conference

“Great service that allowed us to increase Event Engagement, stretching out over our full Social Media Spectrum."

Marco Santos
Corporate Learning Manager, Start Química

“I believe all companies can leverage their internal learnings by motivating their coworkers with this software.”

Jonas Koehler

“Finally we have a tool that automatizes our certification process - the additional social media traction along the way is a marketer's dream.”

Marcel Pfenning
CEO and Founder, SaleUp

“With the Virtual Badges we not only create further brand awareness via LinkedIn but also generate immediate outreach effects.”


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