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Recipient Management

Your clients are in good hands

Add your recipients' lists and centralize your certificate-related communication while keeping your data safe.

More than +400,000 certificates issued in 2022

Add recipients

There are not a lot of things in life that are simpler than a couple of columns on a blank Excel file. You can add your list of recipients in bundles using csv files, or simply add them manually. Your participants will receive an email containing a link to access their own personalized certificates!

Example of CSV upload page
Example of email campaings with VirtualBadges

Email design

Our mailing tool helps you to inform your recipients about their certificates and, at the same time, guarantees that only the recipients themselves can access them.
Use our email designing tool to personalize the email as you wish, adding your logos, color codes, texts and much more.

Predefined fields

Add custom recipient information to each certificate created!
Use predefined fields to automatically map information from your recipient list to their certificates.

Email campaign customization
Example of email campaings with VirtualBadges

GDPR compliant

We are located in Europe and so are our servers!  
All data that you upload to the Virtualbadge.io software (like the names and emails of your recipients) is kept in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR compliance in the EU

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participants digital badges

Easy for everyone

Your participants only need a few clicks to create, preview and share their personalized Virtual Badges. Explore their experience here.

participant badges

Intuitive setup

Don’t bother your developers. The setup of Virtual Badges takes just a few minutes and we are proud to say it is as easy as it seems. Check it out here.

badge design with badge creator software

Make it stand out

Create the design for your Virtual Badge directly from within our admin panel, or upload a full badge from an outside source. No strings attached.

data insights using digital badges

Data speaks louder

Discover how to understand different behavioral patterns of your participants and their characteristics while being 100% GDPR compliant.

digital badges and linkedin certificates

Online certificates

To all events with educational services or products: promote your brand by offering your participants LinkedIn-compatible certificates.

unique certificate pages

A new way of networking

Display a live badge wall during your events to interact and engage with your audience or have it as a supportive, engagement-booster platform.

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