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5 FREE Workshop Certificate Templates

Did you just host a workshop event and now you want to impress your attendees with a professional-looking workshop certificate? 

With these templates, creating certificates is easy, fast, and free.

Workshops are a great way to obtain a new skill or enhance one’s abilities. Whether they are employee training seminars, student-teacher workshops, or corporate events, attendees will be more knowledgeable and productive by the end of the session.

But what’s more important than attending a workshop? Using the experience to earn a better job, to mention in college applications, or to enhance your resume, for example—the list is endless. 

Workshop certificates help attendees add validity to any mention of their participation.

So, you should create eye-catching workshop certificates and help your attendees showcase them for future opportunities. 

The first section of this article offers five printable workshop certificate templates that are entirely free to download.

Lastly, we’ll give you a thorough checklist of the essential components that all professional workshop certificates have.

Workshop Certificate Templates

Workshop Certificate Template No. 1

Workshop Certificate Template No. 2

Workshop Certificate Template No. 3

Workshop Certificate Template No. 4

Workshop Certificate Template No. 5

Workshop certificates — Necessary elements

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most vital elements your workshop certificates must have:

  • Include your organization’s logo to add more authority.
  • Add a title like “Workshop Certificate.” 
  • Include the attendees’s full name.
  • Add a message to highlight the intention behind the workshop and the skills imparted.
  • Add the date and location where the workshop was held.
  • Include the name and signature of the organizer. Has the Best Workshop Certificate Templates

Need to create a workshop certificate that perfectly suits your needs? 

With a account, you can choose any of these templates and more from its vast library to create and send certificates to your attendees!

Check out our free certificate template library to effortlessly create certificates for any occasion.

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January 4, 2023

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