FREE Nail Certificate Templates[Basic, Gel, Acrylic Manicure, Nail Design, and More]

10 FREE Nail Certificate Templates
[Basic, Gel, Acrylic Manicure, Nail Design, and More]

If you’re a nail tech teaching a course on the art of nail care and design, you’re at the right spot.

At the end of each course, recipients should receive a nail certificate template specifying their skills.

That’s where we jump in — with ten free, pre-made nail certificate templates you only need to download and customize! Below you’ll find different designs for different types of manicures; pick the one you need and use right away, no strings attached.

As a bonus, we’ll attach a checklist of necessary items every nail certificate should contain, so you make no mistakes when you personalize these templates. 🌸

Nail Certificate No.1: Basic Manicure Certificate Template

Standard manicure is pretty simple compared to the rest. After a thorough hand soak, massage, and hand cream application, nail tech removes cuticles, applies base, color, and topcoat, topping things off with a cuticle treatment.

We’ve created two certificate templates for basic manicures:

Nail Certificate No.2: Gel Manicure Certificate Template

The nail technician will prepare the nail by gently filing the nail surface and shaping it. Then comes gel polish and topcoat application — both need to cure under UV lamp lights.

For gel manicure pros, we have two designs as well:

Nail Certificate No.3: Shellac Manicure Certificate Template

Shellac manicure combines regular and gel nail polishes, which also need to cure under UV lights.

Choose one of these nail certificate templates for nail techs specializing in Shellac mani:

Nail Certificate No.4: Acrylic Nail Extension Certificate Template

Creating acrylic nails with liquid monomers and powder polymers and then sculpting them to perfection is quite the feat. Nails are cured with a UV lamp, painted with gel nail polish, and cured again.

This skill demands an appropriate certificate — these nail certificate designs will do the trick:

Nail Certificate No.5: Dip Powder Manicure Certificate Template

Basecoat, dipping the nail into a powder, topcoat seal— and the work is done.

There are two nail certificate designs to choose from for this form of manicure:

Nail Certificate Templates — Necessary Elements

No matter what kind of nail certificate you need to issue, each needs to have the following info to be valid:

- Issuer’s logo: instructor, nail salon, or a beauty school;
- Title: here, you can put Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Attendance, or specify the course title (Basic Manicure Certification, for example);
- Recipient’s full name;
- Recipient’s photo: not necessary, but nice to have for personalization purposes; another good idea is to place a picture of their work here;
- Nail certificate copy: a statement confirming the recipient’s acquired skills and knowledge; Instructor’s full name and signature;
- Instructor’s license: some countries require nail technicians to have a license, most commonly the cosmetologist/esthetician license.
- Date and place.

The best nail certificate templates await at

With a account, you can choose any of these templates directly from your dashboard, and use them as you please!

Check out our free certificate template library for any occasion and enjoy the ease of certificate issuing.

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April 1, 2022
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