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5 FREE Marriage Counseling Certificate Templates

Are you on the lookout for templates to help you create certificates for your marriage counseling course? Look no further!.

Being a marriage counselor is one of the most gratifying careers because these therapists help couples lead healthy, mentally-balanced lives together. But before this can transpire, the counselor must be qualified enough and certified by an accredited institution like yours.

Marriage counseling certificates, which can be displayed in clinics, showcase their credibility and couples feel safer sharing their problems with a certified professional.

So, what makes a marriage counseling certificate look more professional? The two sections below can help you.

The first section of this article shows five ready-to-edit, printable marriage counseling certificate templates. These templates are entirely free of charge — for downloads too.

At the end of the template section, we give you a complete checklist of the most important components that make up authentic professional marriage counseling certificates.

Marriage Counseling Certificate Template No1

Marriage Counseling Certificate Template No2

Marriage Counseling Certificate Template No3

Marriage Counseling Certificate Template No4

Marriage Counseling Certificate Template No5

Marriage counseling certificate — Necessary elements

Here’s a super handy checklist to use before you start printing and issuing your certificates:

  • Include certification institute’s logo to add more authority
  • Title - Marriage Counseling Certificate
  • The student’s full name with a picture (optional)
  • Add a message along with your institute’s name to highlight the recipient’s achievement
  • Date and place of certification completion
  • Your institute’s seal
  • The name and signature of the institute’s director or CEO

The best marriage counseling certificate templates are available at

With a Virtualbadge account, you can choose any of these templates directly from your dashboard and use them as you please!

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October 13, 2022

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