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FREE Lash Certificate Templates 5 Ready Examples for Use

Each lash technician should own a certificate denoting their skill and assuring the customers they’re in good hands.

Additionally, a lash certificate is a great form of advertisement for the instructor as well as the recipient!

That’s why you, as a lash pro, should definitely consider awarding them — and we have just the right lash certificate templates ready.

Choose some of these six modern designs, and take a look at the dedicated “necessary elements” chapter below, not to miss anything.

This is a checklist of all the elements your lash certificate template should contain:

- Issuer’s logo;
- Title: Certificate of Attendance/Completion;
- Recipient’s full name;
- Lash certificate copy: stating that the recipient has successfully completed the education program necessary for eyelash extension procedure;
- Instructor’s full name and signature;
- Instructor’s license: certified lash extension technicians must have a state license for work, most commonly the cosmetologist/esthetician license.
- Date and place.

Lash Certificate Template No.1

Lash Certificate Template No.1

Lash Certificate Template No.2

Lash Certificate Template No.2

Lash Certificate Template No.3

Lash Certificate Template No.3

Lash Certificate Template No.4

Certificate of Achievement Template for College

Lash Certificate Template No.5

Lash Certificate Template No.5

The best lash certificate templates await at!

With a account, you can choose any of these templates directly from your dashboard, and use them as you please!

Check out our free certificate template library for any occasion and enjoy the ease of certificate issuing.

Anja Milovanović
Anja Milovanović


March 21, 2022

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