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5 FREE Internship Certificate Templates That Will Make Your Interns Proud

Internships are one of the most critical learning milestones for final-year students and fresh graduates. These programs help shape the intern’s future by teaching them important skills needed to survive in the competitive job market.  

And what can prove an intern’s exceptional skills and knowledge? An internship certificate from their employer that proves the intern is ready for the workplace.

So, let’s create brilliant internship certificates and help your interns kick-start their careers. 

The first section of this article shows five ready-to-send, printable internship certificate templates. These templates are entirely free of charge — for downloads too.

In the end, we’ll give you a thorough checklist of the essential components that all great internship certificates have.

Internship Certificate Templates

Internship Certificate Template No. 1

Internship Certificate Template No. 2

Internship Certificate Template No. 3

Internship Certificate Template No. 4

Internship Certificate Template No. 5

Internship certificate — Necessary elements

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most vital elements needed to create an internship certificate:

  • Include your organization’s logo to add more authority
  • Add a title like “Certificate of Internship” 
  • Include the intern’s full name
  • Add a personalized message to highlight the intern’s outstanding contributions and describe the skills they learned during the internship
  • Add the date and place the internship was completed at 
  • Include the name and signature of the organization’s director or CEO Has The Best Internship Certificate Templates

With a account, you can choose any of these templates directly from your dashboard, and use them as you please!

Check out our free certificate template library to create certificates for any occasion quickly and easily.

Anja Milovanović
Sucharita Myakal

Content writter

December 12, 2022

4 min

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