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8 FREE First Aid Certificate Templates

Did you know that about 4 million workers suffer a nonfatal injury each year? It’s every citizen’s and co-worker’s responsibility to equip themselves with basic first aid skills so they can provide assistance until a qualified medical professional is available.

First aid courses offered by medical or health professionals or reputable organizations will impart essential life-saving skills, so participants will be able to confidently handle emergency health situations. First aid certificates are awarded upon course completion.

If you want to hand out first aid course certificates to your participants, this article is for you.

The first section offers eight ready-made first aid certificate templates that are entirely free to use and download.

We’ll also give you a breakdown of the vital components that all genuine first aid certificates should contain.

First Aid Certificate Templates

First Aid Certificate Template No. 1

First Aid Certificate Template No. 2

First Aid Certificate Template No. 3

First Aid Certificate Template No. 4

First Aid Certificate Template No. 5

First Aid Certificate Template No. 6

First Aid Certificate Template No. 7

First Aid Certificate Template No. 8

First aid certificates — Necessary elements

Below are a few components that a first aid training completion certificate must contain:

  • Include your organization’s logo to add more authority.
  • Add a title like “First Aid Training Completion Certificate” or “Certificate of First Aid Course Completion.”
  • Include the participant’s full name.
  • Add a message highlighting the skills the participant acquired through training.
  • Note the date and location where the training was conducted.
  • Include the name and signature of the organizer or instructor. Has the Best First Aid Certificate Templates

Designing a first aid certificate from scratch can be time-consuming and requires creative skills. When you use a one-stop certificate generator tool like, you can create, manage, distribute, and automate the issuing of certificates while saving time and money.

Check out our free certificate template library to create eye-catching certificates for any occasion.

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