6 FREE Firearms Training Certificate Templates

6 FREE Firearms Training Certificate Templates

Once a student completes the firearms training, the best course of action is to make things official with a certificate of firearms training. The certificate has several distinct purposes:

1) Legal purposes: rules vary across the world, but each country demands the weapon carriers own a certain document as proof of their competence. A firearms training certificate is not to be mixed with a weapon license/permit but may be an obligatory paper to have at hand.

2) Honoring the recipient’s skills and achievements;

3) Advertising your services in a natural, non-invasive way: each time they show their certificate (or share it online), your name will show up on the certificate too. Everyone who sees the certificate will know where to look for certified firearms training!

In this section, you will find six different firearms training certificate templates. All of them are ready for you to personalize inside your Virtualbadge.io account!

In the end, there’s a chapter with a handy checklist containing all the necessary elements of a firearms training certificate template.

Firearms Training Certificate Template No.1

Firearms Training Certificate Template No.2

Firearms Training Certificate Template No.3

Firearms Training Certificate Template No.4

Firearms Training Certificate Template No.5

Firearms Training Certificate Template No.6

Firearms Training Certificate Template — Necessary Elements

No matter the firearm, all firearm certificates should contain the following elements:

- Issuer logo;
- Title: Firearms Training Certificate;
- Firearm category, with specific weapon name, if applicable;
- Recipient’s name and surname;
- Recipient’s image: for personalization purposes, but not a necessity;
- Certificate description: description of their skills and the training they have completed, with a statement affirming their competence;
- Effective date recipient may start handling the firearm the way it’s intended and allowed by law;
- Required seals;
- Issuer’s signature and seal (with name and title in print);
- Date and place.

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Check out our free certificate template library for any occasion and enjoy the ease of certificate issuing.

Anja Milovanović

Anja Milovanović

March 29, 2022
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