Employee Certificate Templates

8 FREE Employee Certificate Templates

We have created eight free employee certificate templates you can customize and download now!

You can use these templates to:

  1. Showcase employee skills;
  2. Celebrate milestones;
  3. Praise the good work;
  4. Boost morale and strengthen the company culture.

The pre-made employee certificate templates below are multi-purpose and download-ready once you put in the information you need. Use our no-fuss certificate editing tool to add images, design elements, and fields of your choice. 

#1 Employee Of The Month Certificate Template

The most complimented chef, the sales pro who closed the most deals, that one employee who cleared out his kanban board in record time — all deserving of the Employee of the Month title:

Free employee certificate template

#2 Employee Of The Month Certificate Template — With A Picture

A special touch of personalization to make the recipient feel valued:

Free employee certificate template

#3 Employee Of The Quarter Certificate Template

Express your gratitude to the ones who put the most effort into the quarter behind us:

Free employee certificate template

#4 Employee Of The Year Certificate Template

The ones whose effort marked the year deserve an award:

Free employee certificate template

#5 Best Employee Award Certificate Template

This template isn’t tied to a specific period, and you can use it to praise the top performers whenever you deem fit:

Free employee certificate template

#6 Employee Award Certificate Template

Employee certificates come in all shapes and sizes - here’s an universal template to use for different employee award types:

Free employee certificate template

#7 Employee Experience Certificate Template

Improving employee experience is a guaranteed way to boost employee satisfaction and retention — use this employee certificate template as one of your assets:

Free employee certificate template

#8 Employee Training Certificate Template

Once the employees go through proper training, you can make it official with a certificate:

Free employee certificate template

Need more? We have any kind of employee certificate template you might think of, and then some — see our library of 100+ free certificate templates!

Want to create a custom certificate from scratch?

Virtualbadge has you covered: with our free certificate generator, you can create bespoke employee certificates for any purpose, and download them for instant use.

What should every employee certificate contain?

These are the necessary elements each employee certificate should contain:

  • Issuer’s logo — Choose top, bottom, or corners;
  • Issuer’s branding elements — Unobtrusive placement, subtle and semi-transparent design elements, and colors that go well together;
  • Certificate title — What you chose to name the certificate for your employees;
  • Official statement — Confirming that the recipient has met the criteria needed to receive the certificate;
  • Recipient’s full name — Placed prominently, in the middle, below the (optional) recipient’s photo;
  • Date of issuing — Add an expiration date too, if applicable;
  • Issuing location/ educator — Facility/ person that issues the certificate, their city, and country;
  • Full names of the certificate issuers — Employers and/or other responsible parties, along with designated spots for their signatures;
  • Certificate validation elements — Certificate ID, QR code, or verification links, to prove the certificate is legitimate; 

Optionally, you can also add:

  • Certificate details — Briefly describe their achievements, and what kind of capabilities they have now that they’ve earned the employee certificate or praise;
  • Recipient’s photo — You can personalize certificates with the recipient’s photos.

Оr, you can reap all the benefits of going digital.

In addition to a free template library, Virtualbadge.io offers digital certificate solutions that help you improve your brand image and authority in your industry, and facilitate certificate management.

Our most popular solutions are all forgery-resistant and free to test:

  • Free Digital Certificate Maker — Go paperless! Our digital certificate maker lets you create and distribute certificates with ease, without even having to download the certificates.
  • LinkedIn Certificates — An outstanding perk you can offer to certificate recipients. Showcasing verifiable skill levels on LinkedIn helps them stand out to employers, while you establish yourself as a trustworthy coach/educator.
  • Open Badge Creator — The professional standard for digital badges, recognizable all over the world.

With Virtualbadge.io, your clients, students, and employees could be your best online advocates!

Anja Milovanović
Anja Milovanović


March 26, 2024


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