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8 FREE CE Certificate Templates

Today’s digitized world calls for the survival of the fittest in nearly every field. Awareness of evolving job roles is essential for one’s career and long-term success. Therefore, one must invest in continuing education (CE) courses to build advanced skills and stand out amid the competition.

Continuing education certificates help verify the recipient’s skills and can be used to land better job opportunities. So, you must ensure your CE certificates are impressive and credible.

Do you want to learn what a CE certificate should include? This article gives you five ready-to-use CE certificate templates along with a detailed checklist of their essential elements. Best of all, the templates are absolutely free to edit and download.

CE Certificate Templates

CE Certificate Template No. 1

CE Certificate Template No. 2

CE Certificate Template No. 3

CE Certificate Template No. 4

CE Certificate Template No. 5

CE Certificate Template No. 6

CE Certificate Template No. 7

CE Certificate Template No. 8

CE certificates — Necessary elements

The following criteria will help you craft credible CE certificates that your recipients will be proud to display:

  • Include your institution’s logo to add more authority.
  • Add a title like “Certificate of Completion” followed by the course title.
  • Include the recipient’s full name.
  • Add a short description of the offered course and the number of credit hours.
  • Include the name and signature of the instructor.
  • Note the date and location where the course was conducted.

Virtualbadge.io has the best CE certificate templates

A well-made CE certificate promotes both the recipient’s freshly acquired skills and the company or educational institution offering the course. That said, designing the necessary volume of certificates to accommodate every recipient often takes a considerable amount of time. With a reliable tool like Virtualbadge.io, you can create, issue, and publish digital certificates all from a single platform.

Check out our free certificate template library to create innovative certificates for any occasion.

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