Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Templates FREE Designs

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Templates
6 FREE Designs

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) demands employers provide bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention training for the employees.

This applies to the following workers (see full info at OSHA website) :

- Medical professionals, students, and healthcare providers;
- Dentistry professionals;
- Facility staff in nursing homes, rehabilitation/correctional/long term care institutions;
- Healthcare-adjacent fields and professions;
- Body artists;
- Law enforcement;
- Firemen;
- Hospitality workers;
- School staff;
- Funeral home workers;
- Researchers;
- Anyone required to provide first aid as their regular duty;
- Anyone handling OPIM (potentially infectious materials such as bodily fluids).

Here we have provided free bloodborne pathogens certificate templates for the employers who need to issue OSHA certifications for their employees.

There are six pre-made certificate designs to choose from, and a checklist of necessary elements for bloodborne pathogens certificate templates — no matter the industry.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Template No.1

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Template No.2

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Template No.3

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Template No.4

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Template No.5

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Template No.6

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Templates — Necessary Elements

Never omit crucial info again!

The list below contains the necessary info for bloodborne pathogens certificates. It’s useful across all industries and professions, with adaptable elements for specific needs:

- Issuer logo;
- Title: these certificates usually have a Certificate of Completion, relating to the course recipients had completed prior to receiving the certificate;
- Recipient’s full name;
- Recipient’s image: for personalization purposes, but not a necessity;
- Certificate description: a statement that certificate recipient has indeed completed the necessary course/education on bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention, and who certified them;
- Course completion date;
- Valid through;
- Certificate number/ID;
- Required seals from educators and medical institutions;
- Issuer’s signature (and name with title, in print);
- Standard confirmation: a statement on the standards this certificate complies to;
- Date and place when the certificate was issued.

NOTICE: This article’s purpose is to provide free certificate templates suitable for bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention course participants. For all legal information, please visit the official sources.

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Anja Milovanović

April 01, 2022
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