Attendance Certificate Templates

8 FREE Attendance Certificate Templates

Find a free, editable attendance certificate template that suits your needs below!

Each template is customizable and copyright-free — just click the button below the certificate you’d like to use, adjust, and download.

#1 Perfect Attendance Certificate Template

To award 100% presence, use this perfect attendance certificate template free of charge:

Free Attendance certificate template

#2 Conference Attendance Certificate Template

Award this certificate at the end of the conference to each person who attended:

Free Attendance certificate template

#3 Course Attendance Certificate Template

Once the course is complete, attendance certification confirms they went through the course:

Free Attendance certificate template

#4 Workshop Attendance Certificate Template

Use this attendance certificate template to award workshop presence:

Free Attendance certificate template

#5 Class Attendance Certificate Template

See our attendance certificate format for college students (and high schoolers):

Free Attendance certificate template

#6 Attendance Certificate Template For School

Here’s an attendance certificate format for school students:

Free Attendance certificate template

#7 Employee Attendance Certificate Template

Praise the employees’ effort to be present and make it official with this template:

Free Attendance certificate template

#8 Bonus: Attendance Award Certificate Template (With A Picture)

Here’s another free attendance award certificate template, this time with a designated spot for the recipient’s photo:

Free Attendance certificate template

Something’s missing?

We have 100+ other templates in our free certificate template library — all free and ready for use!

What should every attendance certificate contain?

These are the necessary elements each attendance certificate should contain:

  • Issuer’s logo — Choose top, bottom, or corners;
  • Issuer’s branding elements — Unobtrusive placement, subtle and semi-transparent design elements, and colors that go well together;
  • Certificate title — A title of your choice;
  • Official statement — Confirm that the certificate recipient has attended the required number of classes, events, or sessions;
  • Recipient’s full name — Placed prominently, in the middle, below the (optional) recipient’s photo;
  • Date of issuing — Add an expiration date too, if applicable;
  • Issuing location/ educator — Facility/ person that issues the certificate, their city, and country;
  • Full names of the involved parties — Recipients, educators, and responsible parties, along with designated spots for their signatures;
  • Certificate validation elements — Certificate ID, QR code, or verification links, to prove the certificate is legitimate; 

Optionally, you can also add:

  • Event details — A brief description of the events they have attended;
  • Recipient’s photo — You can personalize certificates with the recipient’s photos.

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Anja Milovanović


April 22, 2024


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