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4 FREE Academy Certificate Templates Your Students Will Be Proud Of

What’s the best way to value and appreciate your students’ hard work? By rewarding them.

Rewards improve a student’s self-esteem and are great motivators. A simple and meaningful certificate could go a long way in encouraging your students to achieve better outcomes.

Do you want to reward your students with academic achievement certificates? If so, this article will help you create wonderful certificates your students will be proud to show off.

The first section of this article offers four printable academy certificate templates that are entirely free to download.

We’ll also give you a checklist of the essential components that all genuine academy certificates should contain.

Academy Certificate Templates

Academy Certificate Template No. 1

Academy Certificate Template No. 2

Academy Certificate Template No. 3

Academy Certificate Template No. 4

Academy certificates — Necessary elements

The following components will ensure your certificates are verifiable and genuine:

  • Include your institution’s logo to add more authority.
  • Add a title like “Certificate of Achievement,” “Certificate of Merit,” “Certificate of Recognition,” “Certificate of Academic Excellence,” etc.
  • Include the student’s full name with an optional picture.
  • Add a message to highlight the student’s outstanding academic performance.
  • Add the date and location where the certificate was issued.
  • Include the name and signature of the principal or instructor. Has the Best Academy Certificate Templates

Need to send multiple academy certificates at once without any re-editing headaches? is the tool for you.

The quick and easy drag-and-drop functionality makes certificate creation a breeze. 

Check out our free certificate template library to instantly create polished certificates for any occasion.

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February 23, 2023

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