We tested 4 Accredible alternatives (2024 edition) – here’s what we thought

Discover the top alternatives to Accredible in 2024! Explore comprehensive reviews of VirtualBadge.io, Credly, Sertifier, and CertifyMe to find the perfect digital credentialing platform for your needs.

Mar 5, 2024
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Sucharita Myakal
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Tried using Accredible but were not satisfied with its limited features for the price point? We don’t blame you.

Although Accredible is one of the well-known digital credentialing platforms, it comes with a set of potential drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. 

This review guide will uncover the 4 best Accredible alternatives for 2024 that are worth your time and effort.

We’ll review Accredible alternatives: VirtualBadge.io, Credly, Sertifier, and CertifyMe.

What is Accredible?

Accredible helps universities and organizations create and manage credentials and badges using its credential designer and ready-made templates.

It lets you integrate your learning management system (LMS) to create a streamlined certificate distribution workflow. It also offers custom branding and white labeling for your certificates and badges, but only for its premium plan users.

But why should you look for an Accredible alternative?

Although Accredible offers an extensive solution to digital credentials, there are many areas users complain about that are vital to understand before investing in the tool. 

Here are some of Accredible’s drawbacks worth noting:

  • Lack of advanced customization options – The look and feel of Accredible’s designer feels very basic. Also, there are not enough customization options available for the free and basic plans, and the tool’s templates and predefined designs are extremely limited.

  • Data compliance issues for the EU – Accredible uses Blockchain to protect data, which is not compliant with the regulations set by the EU.

  • Pricey –  Accredible’s most basic plan starts from $996/year for just 250 recipients. Also, the tool’s plans lack flexibility, which a lot of users complain about.

  • The free plan has very limited features – Most users would love a free trial with access to most of the tool’s advanced features rather than offering a limited-access free plan like Accredible does.  

  • Considerable learning curve – Most users complain of the learning curve with confusing terminology during setup.

Now that we have enough reasons to look for Accredible alternatives let’s dive into them one by one.

Accredible alternative #1: Virtualbadge.io

Virtualbadge.io is the best alternative to Accredible, and we have solid reasons why. 

Virtualbadge.io is an extensive and feature-rich automated solution for digital credential management that does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

It takes care of A-Zs of digital credentials. You can create custom digital certificates for training programs within the tool’s training module, add trainers, and manage accesses – all from a single dashboard. 

How does Virtualbadge.io outperform Accredible?

Below are some aspects of Virtualbadge.io that outperform Accredible’s solution:

  • Zero hosting or set-up fees – Virtualbadge.io does not charge for account set-up or data hosting.

  • Zero learning curve – Accredible users majorly complain of a potential learning curve. Meanwhile, Virtualbadge.io offers more advanced features while being beginner and user-friendly with zero learning curve.

  • No login needed – Users are not required to log in or install any software to access or download their certificates.

  • A feature-rich drag-and-drop certificate builder – Unlike Accredible’s super plain certificate editor, Virtualbadge.io, on the other hand, offers a wide range of predefined design elements within its intuitive editor to make your certificates look professionally made. 

  • QR code-enablement – Accredible’s QR codes on certificates are limited to verifying certificate authenticity. But Virtualbadge.io lets you create unique QR codes for each training program that, upon scanning, register participants’ attendance so they can easily access their certificates without logging in. 

  • Compliant with EU regulations – Unlike with Accredible, your data is safe and compliant with EU regulations with Virtualbadge.io.

  • Flexibility in choosing the number of certificates – Accredible offers a fixed number of credentials/recipients for each priced plan. Meanwhile, Virtualbadge.io allows you the flexibility to select the number of certificates or badges you may need.  

  • A separate trainer module – Virtualbadge.io’s training module is exclusively made for trainers and lets them create new training, create and issue digital certificates, view insights, and manage accesses.

Any drawbacks of Virtualbadge.io?

  • Virtualbadge.io has a pretty advanced builder, but there are a limited number of digital certificate templates, considering the many use cases the tool supports.

How do Virtualbadge.io and Accredible compare in price? 

Virtualbadge.io’s yearly plans start from $12/mo for 300 credentials – that’s about $145 a year. Meanwhile, Accredible’s initial plan - Launch costs $996/year for 250 recipients and basic branding.

Virtualbadge.io’s Pro and Expert cost $49/mo and $75/mo, respectively, and offer advanced features like QR code validations, additional users, variable certificates, and custom branding – which is still more affordable than Accredible’s basic plan with limited features. 

Accredible alternative #2: Credly

Credly is a popular enterprise digital credentialing tool that lets organizations create and send out customized digital certificates to relevant participants. 

The tool offers custom-made templates and designs for enterprises to add their branding to digital credentials and grow brand awareness. 

How does Credly outperform Accredible?

Some areas where Credly outdoes Accredible are as follows:

  • Tailored for enterprises – Larger enterprises running multiple courses and training programs can benefit from Credly’s tailored solutions. For example, Credly offers workplace insights into what skills your employees have and should have. 

  • Offers premium white-labeling package –  Credly ensures every brand can make their credentials look more on-brand with its rich customization options with white-labeling. 

  • Best for employers – Employers with a high budget can benefit from Credly’s workforce planning and talent acquisition solutions that rely on verified skills embedded in digital credentials. 

Any drawbacks of Credly?

  • Digital certificates don’t seem like they are Credly’s primary focus. For example, you can only share certificates as PDFs, thus lacking interactivity and shareability. 

  • No free trial or plan to test the tool’s compatibility with your internal workflows.

  • Lack of transparency in prices. However, research shows the basic plan is about $1,000 a month and up. Also has high set-up and licensing fees. 

  • Suitable only for enterprises and not SMBs or solopreneurs.

  • Not very user-friendly compared to tools like Virtualbadge.io.

How do Credly and Accredible compare in price? 

Unfortunately, Credly has not made its pricing public. You have to contact their sales team to get a custom quote depending on your requirements. 

And since Credly is tailored for enterprises and has only premium plans, the prices are likely to be higher than Accredible. 

Accredible alternative #3: Sertifier

Sertifier helps businesses build a robust digital credentialing strategy for training programs. 

It offers customized solutions like custom-designed learning paths, white-labeled credentials, and valuable analytics to increase demand for your online courses and generate organic traffic.  

How does Sertifier outperform Accredible?

Some areas where Sertifier outdoes Accredible are as follows:

  • Ease of use – Unlike Accredible’s considerable learning curve, a majority of Sertifier users (including us) appreciate the tool for its ease of use and clean UI/UX from certificate designing to verification. 

  • Effective credential tracking – Most digital credential platforms in the market fail to provide credential monitoring. However, Sertifier offers easy tracking of distributed digital credentials via unique credential IDs and QR codes.

  • Campaign set up – Sertifier offers an incredible step-wise campaign setup feature for the dispatch of digital credentials. We found the campaign setup to be very beginner-friendly. 

  • All-access free trial – Unlike Accredible limited-access free trial, Sertifier offers a 14-day all-access free trial to test the tool. 

Any drawbacks of Sertifier?

  • Just like Accredible, Sertifier also uses Blockchain technology, which is not compliant with EU standards.

  • Branding or white-labeling is not included in the Essentials plan, despite its price point of $75/mo.

  • Some users found Sertifier’s mobile version to be not up to the mark.

How do Sertifier and Accredible compare in price? 

Sertfier’s initial plan costs $75/mo for up to 1000 unique recipients, and you can send any number of credentials to each recipient. This is cheaper than the Accredible monthly plan costing $85 for just 250 unique recipients. 

And if you’re an SMB and growing business, you can choose the Pro plan for more custom branding functionalities and up to 5000 recipients. 

Accredible alternative #4: CertifyMe

CertifyMe is a widely used SaaS-based digital credentialing tool that offers custom solutions for multiple domains like EdTech, schools, universities, and other organizations. 

The tool lets users share their digital certificates and badges across 40+ social channels – the highest any digital credentialing tool offers. Also, custom branding options are available across all of CertifyMe’s paid plans, thus suiting businesses of all sizes.

How does CertifyMe outperform Accredible?

Some areas where CertifyMe outdoes Accredible are as follows:

  • A simple UI/UX – Unlike Accredible’s pretty complicated UI, CertifyMe’s UI/UX is straightforward and beginner-friendly.

  • Affordable – Although CertifyMe does not reveal its prices, some sources show that plans start from just $20/mo.

  • Canva integration for easier certificate designing – CertifyMe integrates with Canva so you can upload your own design, and it is perfect for small businesses and solopreneurs. 

  • GDPR compliant – Unlike Accredible, CertifyMe is GDPR compliant, so you don’t have to worry about your participants’ data security.

Any drawbacks of CertifyMe?

  • Intransparent and inflexible pricing can keep interested users in the dark.

  • Although CertifyMe’s UI/UX is easy, we found it to be too basic compared to other tools like Virtualbadge.io.

  • Limited templates for certificate and badge design.

  • The free plan offers limited access to features.

How do CertifyMe and Accredible compare in price? 

CertifyMe does not reveal its prices. However, plans used to be priced around $20/mo to $65/mo and up back in 2023.

CertifyMe’s plans look more affordable for SMBs and solo business owners compared to Accredible. However, the StartUp and Signature plans come with a limited number of courses for which you can create credentials each month, which is a big drawback.

Wrapping up – what’s the best Accredible alternative?

You may be looking for a more affordable, Accredible alternative or a platform offering extensive, end-to-end solutions for digital credential management.

Nevertheless, here are our unbiased final thoughts on which tool stands out as the best Accredible alternative for 2024:

  • Credly – Best for large enterprises with a high budget and looking for a scalable digital credential management solution. 

  • Sertifier – Easy to use and perfect for businesses looking to create and launch a quick campaign for certificate distribution. One notable drawback is its lack of compliance with the EU’s data policies.

  • CertifyMe – A pocket-friendly tool with basic features, good for budget-conscious businesses and individuals needing credentials for a limited number of courses.

  • Virtualbadge.io –  An elaborate and automated solution for digital credentialing. The tool is GDPR-compliant, affordable, and beginner-friendly. It has a rich UI and extensive functionalities, such as QR-code check-ins, trainer modules, and an intuitive certificate and badge designer. 

It’s safe to say that Virtualbadge.io is easily the best Accredible alternative, considering its end-to-end functionalities for digital credentialing and data safety assurance.  

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