CPR Education - A Case Study for First-Aid Trainers

How one of the leading First-Aid training companies from the San Francisco Bay Area uses Virtualbadge.io to digitize and validate their certificates.

Oct 10, 2022
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Giovanna Pergher
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CPR Education is a well-known and well-established training company based in the San Francisco Bay area. They offer a variety of courses such as First-Aid, CPR & AED, Child & Babysitting Safety, and Bloodborne Pathogens training. The company was founded in 2013 and has prepared thousands of clients for real-life challenges.

As the company grew, founder Josh Sauberman faced a growing challenge: The process of creating and sending out certificates of completion was becoming more time consuming and complex.

Certificates of completion for First-Aid course providers present a number of unique challenges: Each training can have multiple additional or optional modules; the certificates must be secure and copy-proof; the trainers must be identified with their valid IDs; and students must be registered and actively participate in the courses before receiving their certificates.

Given those issues and the elevated risk that false certificates could bring to their business, Josh and his team were managing all their course certificates manually, in a time-consuming and tedious manner.

Besides that, it was important to the CPR Education team that they stay at the forefront of modern technological trends and customer preferences. The biggest names in the industry, such as the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and others, are already issuing e-certs, and Josh’s team knew they needed to keep pace.

Working with Virtualbadge.io:

A solution to save time and automatize the process of issuing certificates was put in place with Virtualbadge.io. With the new solution:

  • Certificates can be created and sent out automatically from an Excel file;
  • Individual certificates automatically display the specific additional modules of each training;
  • Certificates can be validated directly inside CPR Education's website, like this:
Validation page for First-Aid Certificates
Validation Page for CPR Education Certificates

By hosting all certificates inside CPR Education's website, clients can easily and directly, access the online version of their certificates without searching for the original emailed version.

Besides creating a simpler and smoother process for their clients, CPR Education’s new validated certificates also delivered a more professional positioning for his courses, with higher real and perceived value.


After automating the process of issuing certificates for CPR Education's training courses, the team’s newly saved time can be put toward other crucial business functions, as well as trainings and courses.

Managing the certificates also became a much easier task: Every time a recipient would claim that they lost their certificate, a quick search in Virtualbadge's dashboard would be enough to identify the recipient and resend that certificate with one click.

Besides the simpler and easier new process, CPR Education's social media presence also grew: Their clients could now easily share their certificates as posts, using recommended texts defined by Josh, or just add them to their LinkedIn profiles with 1 click:

Sharing First-Aid Certificates to LinkedIn
Adding certificates to LinkedIn as posts

Adding certificates to LinkedIn profiles on "Licenses and Certifications"

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