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1. Build your online reputation

Make it simple for your clients: They add your course's certificate (with all details!) to their LinkedIn profiles with one click.

2. More exposure

The certificates from your courses can be easily shared as posts on social media: You also give your clients the pre-defined texts and hashtags!

3. Bring more people to your website

Add a link to your website on all certificates that are being shared and verify every certificate directly from your domain.

4. More clients

Let your satisfied clients become your online ambassadors: They strengthen their CVs with your course and proudly display their acquired certificates to their network.

5. Easy setup

Design your certificates and send them out via emails: You can sit back and relax while you check the statistics of how the certificates are performing on social media.

A new way of issuing certificates

Understand why Virtual Badges are the revolution of digital certificates

Validate certificates on your website

The "Certificate Validator" can be implemented on your website. Every person that verifies a certificate is driving traffic to your website to strengthen your reputation.

Social media certificates

Virtual Badges are the first social media native certificates in the world. This means that the path that your clients take is optimized to increase social shares.

Customizable experience

Virtual Badges allow the receivers of the certificates to add custom information to it. More personal certificates have higher chances of being shared on social media.

Branding opportunities

From emails to validation pages: Have your logo and your color codes being displayed to your clients the whole time.

100% GDPR compliant

Our European servers guarantee that all your data is secured and stored according to the European Data Protection Laws.

Statistics and KPIs

Our certificates can be tracked on social media. Discover how many certificates were created and on which platforms they were shared!

More than 500 issuers

And thousands of certificates being hosted and validated daily

The Netherlands Institute of Marketing

German chamber of commerce and industry)

Europe's #1 LinkedIn Training

European Commission

German Ministry of Education and Research

"I can be sure that my course gets a place of honor on the LinkedIn profiles of my students"

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