Cute arrow pointing up

That is how we verify digital certificates!

What you see is an example of a digital certificate created for WebSummit.

In reality, that could be the digital certificate of any of your students or clients.

We are, and with us, you can issue digital certificates that build trust for your brand AND that are made to be shared online.

Our software is completely white-labeled, and you can design anything!

With that, you turn your recipients into your online ambassadors.

No. More. Begging. For. Reviews.

We are located in Germany, and your data is kept under the General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR).

If you are a coach, a trainer, a course provider or an education provider in general, come to our stand!

(or just come by in general. We speak a bunch of languages and like to chat).

We are located in Pavilion A, (stand A117), near the Start Up University.

Also, we are people dressed like this:

Ready to turn your clients and students into your online promoters?