Virtual Badges for coaches

Boost your personal brand and establish an educational authority on LinkedIn with digital certificates.

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Use Virtual Badges to
strenghten your authority

Get your mentees to generate content for you

User-generated content (UGC) is any content created and shared by your attendees. This includes reviews, Tweets, Instagram posts, and so on. This content is highly valuable and, at the same time, difficult to get. If you ever asked your podcast listeners to write an iTunes review, you know what we are talking about.

No more begging for reviews

Use Virtual Badges as a recognition token and give your clients something that they are proud to share on their social networks. Virtual Badges are designed to be shared.

Data insights

Some people know your name. Others are listeners of your podcasts or even have one of your books. But some people are your real “brand-ambassadors”! They advocate for your events and talk about your coaching.
Use the data insights from the Virtual Badges to reach out to them!

Brand strengthening via online certificates

Give your attendees the possibility of proudly sharing their new skills in the format of an online certificate! These certificates are LinkedIn friendly and will strengthen your authority and your personal branding using professional quality standards.

Build your community

Hosting virtual coaching groups and virtual events can be challenging, and it can be hard to substitute true human interaction. The network between your attendees is a strong pillar of your community-building and now, the Virtual Badges can support new networking possibilities with our real-time Badge Wall.

Ready to turn your participants into event ambassadors?


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Daniela Hölzer

Manager at The Hackathon Company

Daniela Hölzer

Manager at The Hackathon Company

Daniela Hölzer

Manager at The Hackathon Company

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