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Top 7 Free Award Certificate Templates for 2022

Need a free award certificate template, and need it fast?

You’re at the right place! Below we have 7 free templates for award certificates you can easily adjust and use without limits!

They can fit just about any need you have but are specially pre-designed for multiple purposes: 

#1 Award Certificate Template for Students
#2 Award Certificate Template for Company
#3 Award Certificate Template for Teamwork
#4 Award Certificate Template for Course Completion
#5 Award Certificate Template for School
#6 Award Certificate Template for Employee Recognition
#7 Award Certificate Template for Excellence

In addition to free templates for award certificates, we’ll include checklists and explain the necessary elements for each. 

#1 Award Certificate Template for Students

Our award certificate template for students is a great choice for student honors; you can praise their:

- Extra-curricular activities;
- Involvement in social causes;
- Excellent grades, GPA, and overall success;
- Other outstanding student achievements.

Award Certificate Template for Students — Necessary Elements

Each award certificate for students should contain these elements:

-School/educational institution name and logo;
- Title (short congratulations);
- Student’s full name — the picture is optional but nice to have;
- The reason for awarding the student — elaborating what they did to deserve the reward;
- If they’re receiving a financial or other material compensation in addition to the certificate, describe it somewhere on the certificate;
- If a specific student body awards them, board, institution, or commission, their names should be on the certificate as well;
- Award date and place.

#2 Award Certificate Template for Company

Company awards can range from funny, inside jokes among coworkers or full-blown, official recognition of someone’s professional achievements. 

Our template is dedicated to the latter, and you can use it as an Employee of the year certificate template or praise a particular business venture and success.

NGOs and similar institutions can use this template to award a company as a whole — as a Corporate social responsibility certificate template.

Award Certificate Template for Company — Necessary Elements

Here’s what to include on award certificates for companies: 

- Certificate issuer name/logo;
- The award title;
- Recipient full name and picture, if available;
- The reason for awarding them;
- Award date and place.

#3 Award Certificate Template for Teamwork

They say that “Teamwork makes the dream work” — and should be praised and awarded!

Teamwork awards are a great way to show appreciation. Issue them after your team completed a demanding task, won an award, or even to surprise the team members for no reason other than loving to work with them.

They come in many forms, symbolic and tangible. No matter how you choose to award your team, our award certificate template for teamwork can adjust accordingly.

Award Certificate Template for Teamwork — Necessary Elements

- Issuer name and/or logo, depending on who is awarding the team;
- Award certificate title;Recipient’s name and picture, if needed;
- Congratulating note, teamwork praise, or some kind of team’s inside joke, if the certificate is supposed to entertain;
- Signature of the certificate issuer.

#4 Award Certificate Template for Course Completion

Whichever kind of course you intend to market, learners need to receive a certificate upon course completion — so bookmark this one! ⭐

Course completion certificate serves as a proof that they indeed possess certain skills and knowledge. Additionally, a shiny new certificate brings a pleasurable closure after working hard to earn it. On their walls or online, the award certificate template for course completion you’ll find here will work like a charm.

Award Certificate Template for Course Completion — Necessary Elements

The necessary elements of award certificate for course completion are as follows:

- Issuer logo/watermark, let it be an individual educator, educational institution, company, or other type of organization;
- Course title;
- Recipient’s full name and picture, if necessary;
- Brief course explanation: what mind of knowledge and skills does the recipient now possess, what they can do, what they’ve learned;
- Issuer signature;
- Both printable and online format. Creating and printing a certificate is easy and possible with any online certificate maker out there. However, creating an online proof of one's knowledge demands a more advanced solution.
That’s the very thing you get with Virtualbadge.io: each certificate and badge integrates with social media, and is especially useful to showcase the knowledge on LinkedIn and attract more job offers or course participants.

LinkedIn Certificates for yor participants

Verification form — Certificates have no weight unless people can verify them and prove the certificates are genuine. Virtualbadge.io places unique QR codes and Credential IDs to ensure the recipients own a certificate valid at any time, online and in physical form:

Certificate Validation Settings

#5 Award Certificate Template for School

Language school, elementary, sports, or any other — schools usually issue certificates to pupils at the end of the school year or special program, as a part of the ceremony or in a more modest manner.

With award certificate templates for school, you can go for more fun and bold design, or keep it minimal, but no businessy-style is required to award the star-pupils.

Award Certificate Template for School — Necessary Elements

Building blocks of award certificate template for school are quite simple:

- School name and/or logo;
- Congratulating note;
- Student name and surname (photograph is optional);
- The reason for awarding them;Date and place of award ceremony;
- Signature of the person responsible.

#6 Award Certificate Template for Employee Recognition

Acknowledging your employees’ effort and contribution to the company is a vital part of keeping them happy. People may come for the salary, but will stick around for a great atmosphere; showing gratitude, even symbolically, amounts to the awesome workplace greatly.

With our award certificate template for employee recognition, you can express your appreciation in an easy way, with a physical token they’ll keep long after you part ways. Include it with a holiday bonus, after outstanding quarterly performance, or out of the blue.

Award Certificate Template for Employee Recognition — Necessary Elements

- Company name and/or logo;
- Award title;
- Recipient’s full name (and photo, if available);
- A heart-felt note, explanation of the award.

#7 Award Certificate Template for Excellence

This award certificate template for excellence is completely versatile: adjust it according to your specific needs and award the deserving students, employees, partners, another company, or anybody else!

Award Certificate Template for Excellence — Necessary Elements

Much like with previous certificate templates, basic elements are:

- Issuer name/logo;
- Award title;Recipient’s full name;
- The reason behind awarding the certificate;
- Signature(s) of the person/people responsible.

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Check out our free certificate template library for any occasion and enjoy the ease of certificate issuing.

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January 12th, 2022
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